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Information for HEAR and DARE Scheme Applicants

Interested in applying to UCD through HEAR and/or DARE? Need advice or further information on how to apply to these schemes and what it involves? Come along to our information session for an overview of both schemes.

When: Monday, November 23rd | 7pm

Where: Zoom Webinar 

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Lifelong Learning Taster Lecture

My grandfather's war: memories from the Italo-Austrian front (1917-18)

Join Dr Paolo Virtuani for this Lifelong Learning Taster Lecture for College Awareness Week 2020.  
Some people are lucky enough to have had a grandfather born in the 19th century (1898), fighting in WW1, surviving a wound, narrowly avoiding a major military disaster, recovering from the Spanish Fever and, on top of it all, leaving a memoir of his experience! This lecture will trace his movements throughout 1917-18, against the backdrop of the Italo-Austrian front, the "White" War on the Alps.

When: Tuesday, November 24th | 11am

Where: Zoom Webinar

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UCD for ALL Student Experience for QQI-FET Students

On Wednesday 25th November 2020, UCD Access and Lifelong Learning will host a Student Experience Day for current QQI-FET students or prospective students who already hold a QQI-FET award. 
Prospective students will have an opportunity to join a short taster lecture in their preferred course, hear about applying to UCD and the financial and social support available, and chat with current UCD students.

When: Wednesday, November 25th | 10am - 12.30pm

Where: Zoom Webinar/Meeting

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