Global Accessibility Awareness Day 2018

Lunch & Learn Sessions‌ | 17th May 2018

I‌n collaboration with UCD Equality Diversity and Inclusion Committee (EDI) we celebrated Global Accessibility Awareness Day on the 17th May 2018. Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) aims to get everyone thinking and learning about digital access & the inclusion and people with different disabilities.

The event highlighted UCD’s progress in Digital Accessibility through a series of one-off sessions from the following speakers:

Session 1
Demonstration of Microsoft One Note Learning Tools for students

Andrew Desmond, Microsoft Operations Deal Manager Ireland & UK and Ana Montoya Microsoft Partner Business Manager

Session 2
Accessibility with Brightspace-UCD's new Virtual Learning Environment

Niall Watts, UCD IT Services and UCD Web Accessibility, Peter McKieran and Darren Moloney, UCD IT Services

Session 3
University for All; Master Class on Accessibility Content

Dr Anna Kelly and Dr Lisa Padden, Access & Lifelong Learning

Further information and instructions to help you ensure the accessibility of your own content can be found on our Guidelines for Accessible Documents webpage

We also marked GAAD 2019 on Thursday, May 16th 2019.

Tina Lowe and Enya Murray at our 2018 GAAD event