Parent and teen studying together


Information for 6th Year students and their parents/guardians


Understanding the HEAR & DARE Schemes

Interested in applying to UCD through HEAR and/or DARE? Need advice or further information on how to apply to these schemes and what it involves? Come along to our information session for an overview of both schemes.

When: Monday, November 23rd | 7pm

Where: Zoom Webinar  - Below is a recording of this webinar


Understanding CAO & Points

Join Enya and Áine from UCD Access and Lifelong Learning for a clear and easy to understand overview of how your son or daughter will use the CAO (Central Application Office) to apply to college courses, what points are and how they are calculated, and how college places are allocated. Understanding the CAO process will allow you to better support your child in their journey to college.

When: Monday, January 18th  | 7pm

Where: Zoom Webinar 

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Understanding College Fees & Grants

Join Enya and Áine from UCD Access & Lifelong Learning for this webinar to get all of the information you need on the costs of college, financial support available and tips from our students on savings and discounts.

When: Monday, January 25th | 7pm

Where: Zoom Webinar 

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