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Voluntary Tutoring Scheme

This is a scheme whereby UCD students volunteer to tutor Junior Cert. or Leaving Cert. pupils in the pupils’ own school.

For further information on this programme please contact

These are focussed on giving academic support to Sixth Year pupils in UCD-linked schools in their Leaving Certificate year. Over three sessions students get support in four Leaving Certificate subjects along with talks on study skills, stress management & exam preparation, applying to HEAR, DARE & SUSI, and they also get a chance to find out about courses in UCD and career opportunities after graduation.

When: The next Leaving Cert. Workshops will take place in January/February 2018.
Where: UCD Belfield Campus.
How to apply: School pupils from our linked schools can make an application through their guidance counsellor.

For more information please e-mail

Do you have dyslexia? If so, there are a range of digital tools and apps that can help you succeed in university. In these interactive workshops you will have a chance to try these tools, which include:

    • Reading Tools
    • Writing Tools
    • Note taking Tools
    • Organizational Tools
    • Study Tools

Reading Apps

  • Use text-to-speech to read out text for you. You can use it to read websites, documents or lecture notes. You can even convert text from books and handouts to digital documents to be read out loud.
  • Convert documents into MP3 files to listen to on the go.
  • Use visual tools to remove clutter and help you concentrate.

Writing Apps

  • Use voice recognition to express yourself.
  • Use dictionary and spell checking resources to proofread your work.

Mind Mapping Apps 

Use digital mind maps to:

  • Generate ideas easily.
  • Get a sense of how ideas are connected to one another.
  • Get a “Big Picture” view of concepts and ideas.

UCD Access & Lifelong Learning in conjunction with the UCD Maths Support Centre has produced some videos to help Leaving Cert. Maths students with specific topics on their curriculum. The first video shown is an Introduction to Algebra but there are other topics available if you scroll down this page.



Statistics and Probability

Geometry and Trigonometry