Temporary Exam Support

Temporary Exam Support is arranged by Access and Lifelong Learning for students sitting official end-of-trimester exams.

For any online exams or exams outside of the end-of-trimester exam period, please contact your module coordinator to discuss temporary supports.

Applications for Temporary Exam Supports for in-person End of Trimester Exams are now Closed.

Only emergency requests where injuries have been newly acquired after the deadline of Wednesday, 27th April at midday (not pre-existing conditions) will be considered after the deadline. Please contact temporarysupport@ucd.ie if you have an emergency request.


Temporary Exam Supports are intended for students who have an injury or temporary condition, with docuementation dated within 4 weeks of the application for Temporary Exam Support. This applies to in-person end-of-trimester exams.

Students with ongoing conditions, including those who have applied for temporary exam supports previously, are invited to apply for ongoing support and should contact disability@ucd.ie for advice.

Students with a disability, ongoing illness or specific learning difficulty are not eligible for temporary exam support and should contact disability@ucd.ie for advice.

Unfortunately, students with an infectious/contagious illness, including COVID, flu, mumps etc, cannot be accommodated in the exam halls.

Required Medical Documentation

Students must supply recent medical documentation which must cover the exam period and be dated within 4 weeks of the application.

Medical documentation must meet the following requirements:

  • It must confirm a specific diagnosis of an injury or a temporary condition
  • It must be from a GP or other health professional e.g. hospital consultant, counsellor etc. 
  • Please ensure your documentation is signed and stamped or it may not be accepted - we will not accept Word documents, emails or phone numbers to call medical professionals
  • It must be on headed paper
  • It must contain your name and details

Documentation which does not meet the requirements above will not be accepted. All documentation will be destroyed 13 months following the exam period.


Students must have completed their application and uploaded supporting medical documentation no later than Wednesday, 27th April at 12pm (Midday).

Only emergency requests, i.e. an injury acquired after the deadline (not worsening of an existing condition), will be considered after this date when accompanied by appropriate documentation. Students who acquire an injury during the revision week or exam period should also consider applying for Extenuating Circumstances.

How do I start and/or view my application?

You can access the Temporary Exam Support Application process here or by:

1. logging into SISWEB
2. clicking on the Registration, Fees and Assessment menu
3. clicking on My Temporary Exam Support Application

What do I need to complete my application?

Please have a scanned copy of your medical documentation ready to be uploaded to the system.

How do I complete my application?

  • Click My Temporary Exam Support Application in SISWEB and then click Apply to start your application.
  • Enter your application details in the form - Medical Details, Date of Next Exam and Support type and click Submit documentation.
  • Upload your documentation using the Upload link in the bottom left of the form.
  • When you have successfully uploaded your documentation, click Submit and you will receive an acknowledgment email.

For any questions or help regarding your Temporary Exam Support Application, please contact temporarysupport@ucd.ie

What happens next?

Once your application is received we will review it and send a notification to your UCD email account outlining whether or not your application has been successful. You can log back into the system to print off your Temporary Exam Support letter to bring to the examination hall with you. This letter must be brought to each exam as well as your UCARD.

Note the following

  • It is your responsibility to notify the relevant School(s) of your situation.
  • Emergency Temporary Exam Support is based on the medical confirmation provided on your documentation only.
  • If your illness, injury or disability requires ongoing support, you must register with UCD Access & Lifelong Learning for Disability Support.
  • If you require an amanuensis/scribe, you should have adequate practice of working with an amanuensis before taking your exam(s) as you may find it difficult to adjust to using this support.
  • Temporary exam support is only applicable to end-of-trimester exams.

Contact details

Email: temporarysupport@ucd.ie