SensusAccess Webform - Convert Files

Quick start guide to SensusAccess:

  1. Please read our Conditions for Use
  2. Go to the SensusAccess webform at the bottom of this page.
  3. Upload the document you wish to convert. You can do this by entering the URL, uploading the file from your computer, or copying and pasting in the text.
  4. Select the format you wish the file to be converted into.
  5. Enter your UCD email address and submit your file.

Your converted document will be emailed back to you once it is ready.

SensusAccess is an automated conversion service – your email address and original documents are deleted once your file has been returned. SensusAccess does not store your personal data.

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Follow the four easy steps below to have your document converted into an alternative, accessible format. The result is delivered in your email inbox. You may upload one or more files, enter a URL to a file or simply type in the text you wish to have converted. The form expands as you make your selections.