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Supporting Students with Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Supporting Students with Autism/ Autistic Spectrum Disorders

Students are encouraged to contact Access & Lifelong Learning in order to arrange for a 1:1 Needs Assessment with a member of our disability support staff. For more information please see our Disability Support Webpage.
Exam and classroom supports will be discussed at your needs assessment. Examples of exam accommodations include, an alternative exam location (i.e. small classroom setting), and 10 minutes extra time per hour. Examples of classroom supports include, permission to record lectures, and making your module coordinator aware of your disability (however, you are not obliged to disclose this specific information). 
The Occupational Therapy Service is a student-centred, private and confidential service in which students work 1:1 with a qualified Occupational Therapist in order to develop the necessary academic, social and personal skills for fulfilling their role as a UCD student. Occupational Therapy is a client-centred health profession, focused on the promotion of health & well-being by working collaboratively with people to enable them to participate in the activities of everyday University life which they need and want to do in order to fulfill their valued roles. The Occupational Therapy Service is prioritised for first year students with ASD who are transitioning to UCD and college life. To learn more about the Occupational Therapy Service, please either discuss this at your needs assessment or call into our Disability Support drop-in hours, from 11am-12pm Mondays-Thursday during term time. 
You are also welcome to avail of other supports which are offered by UCD Access & Lifelong Learning such as, the  Academic Skills Workshops, the drop-in hours (11-12 Monday to Thursday during term), and Digital Skills Mentoring.   
In striving for a University for All, UCD Access & Lifelong Learning provides disability training, and specific Autism Awareness training, for academic and administrative staff throughout the university. Academic and Administrative staff are invited to contact us for further information.