About Landscape Architecture


‌Landscape architecture involves  the planning, design and management of external space. It is a challenging discipline that draws on  a wide range of skills. Landscape architects design regions, cities, neighbourhoods.... even gardens. They work with architects to site buildings and they work with engineers, horticulturalists, ecologists and planners to design landscapes which function on many levels, aesthetically, ecologically and socially.

UCD is at the forefront of Landscape Architecture education in Ireland. It is currently the only university in Ireland to offer an undergraduate degree in Landscape Architecture. This course is accredited by the Irish Landscape Institute and recognised by the European Foundation for Landscape Architecture.

UCD produces landscape architects who, in their working lives, draw on a great diversity of skills and knowledge to plan, design and manage spaces which are useful, sustainable, and fit for the specified purpose. UCD landscape architects are involved in enhancing, improving and conserving our natural and built environment, creating inspiring places to live, work and relax and transforming degraded environments. Their work combines scientific and cultural understanding, design creativity, and knowledge of manufactured materials and structures with an understanding of ecology, land use and ecosystems. Their training ensures that graduates are equipped to work on diverse projects ranging from regeneration of urban and rural sites, conservation and management of heritage landscapes and waterways to the design of public and private open spaces. Landscape architects also advise on landscape resource management, the siting and potential impact of new structures in the landscape and management of site construction.

Our education model is designed to give students the creative ability and discipline to work alone or as part of a team of specialists. As graduates, they frequently work as part of large multidisciplinary teams alongside architects, engineers, planners, artists, ecologists, and surveyors. Such is the broad overview gained in UCD Landscape Architecture that graduates are often chosen as the master-planners for large-scale projects.

To find out more about the UCD Landscape Architecture undergraduate programme, go to myUCD.

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