Masters Landscape Studios


The school offers a Masters in Landscape Architecture (MLA) and Masters in Landscape Studies (MArchSc). The former has an emphasis on research and design and the latter on research and text investigation. 

Interdisciplinary Studio (both masters): The module introduces students to different disciplines in the context of a joint project on the same urban landscape. Students are encouraged to work across the disciplines of planning and urban design to question what has happened to make the environment the way it is and how this can be improved in the future. They are encouraged to develop their own research language while contributing to a group project with clear individual contributions. The analysis work may involve historical, morphological, conservation, sustainability, planning,  urban design or landscape research.

Boyne River Study: Joline Galjaard

An investigation of the Boyne Valley west of Drogheda and the UNESCO Brú na Bóinne site and how the relationship of the Boyne River to the landscape, settlements and historic sites can be strengthened. 

The design thesis for the MLA is based on an area of individually chosen research. It is a large body of work reaching over two semesters. It tackles a wide range of subject fields.

North Dublin Fringe: Michael Cuniffe  

The thesis investigated the relationship of the city to its northern rural hinterland and how increasing numbers of residents can enjoy the countryside in a way not detrimental to its character and farming activity.