Digital Matters: Research Lecture Series 2017/18


The 2017/18 Research Lecture Series of the UCD School of Architecture, Planning & Environmental Policy explores research conducted through various forms of digital media in the fields of Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Planning and Environmental Policy. The series showcases research within the school as well as national and international speakers.

Spring 2018
Preliminary Timetable:

Wednesday February 14 1:10-1:50
Boardroom, Richview Research Hub (former Earth Institute), Richview
Dr. Dieter Kogler, UCD Spatial Dynamics Lab

The Spatial Dynamic Lab's purpose is to advance the analysis of innovation processes, environmental impact, evolutionary patterns & structural change in cities.

Boardroom, Richview Research Hub (former Earth Institute), Richview
Dr. Steve Davis, UCD Archaeology

The Unseen Hill of Ward New Insights from LiDAR

Thursday April 5 6:30-7:30
Irish Architectural Archive, Merrion Square
Prof. Laura Vaughan, UCL Bartlett Space Syntax Laboratory

The Space Syntax Laboratory is the originator of the architectural research discipline of space syntax.

Wednesday May 9th  1:10-1:50
Planning Studio 3, Richview Campus
Dr Patricia Benitez University of Nebrija

The late Gothic helical staircase: Geometry & widespread use

Autumn 2017
3 November 2017
Stephen Fai, Carleton Immersive Media Studio
Recent digital work at the Parliament of Canada National Historic Site

Stephen Fai is the director of the Carleton Immersive Media Studio (CIMS) at Carleton University, Canada. CIMS is dedicated to the advanced study of innovative, hybrid forms of representation that can both reveal the invisible measures of architecture and animate the visible world of construction. At CIMS, Fai explores and develops digital workflows for the architecture, engineering and construction industries. His research integrates digitization, building information modelling, simulation and digitally assisted fabrication. His most recent focus is on applications of building information modelling for architectural conservation and rehabilitation.

Prof. Fai holds a cross appointment in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering, the Institute for Comparative Studies in Literature, Art, and Culture, and the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism.

15 November 2017
Francesco Pilla, UCD APEP
iSCAPE: Approaches to urban and spatial reasoning

Francesco Pilla’s area of expertise is geospatial analysis and modelling of environmental dynamics, which involves the development of environmental pollution models (air, noise, water) and decision support tools using a GIS platform. The work focuses on understanding complex environmental phenomena in order to pre-empt the impacts resulting from the interactions between human population and the environment.

The H2020-SC5-funded iSCAPE project, coordinated by Dr. Pilla, makes use of this expertise on GIS based tools as a way to integrate co-design (as part of Living Labs) in urban planning and pervasive sensing (static and mobile as part of citizen science initiatives) to improve city life from an environmental pollution perspective.

29 November 2017
Philip Crowe & Aoife Corcoran, Co-founders of Space Engagers

Space Engagers: Civic engagement through mapping

1:10pm Planning Studio 3, Richview, UCD

Space Engagers is a spin-out social enterprise from the EU FP7 TURAS project (2011-2016), which was led by UCD GPEP/APEP. This talk will (re)introduce the ideas of Patrick Geddes (1854-1932) on the Civic Survey and their contemporary application using ICT by Space Engagers. Pilot interactive mapping projects will be presented, such as Reusing Dublin, which crowd-sources data on vacant and underused properties for the Peter McVerry Trust.