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For four weeks in June the CITY LIFE International Summer School takes place in Dublin. The summer school engages closely with the city, developing students’ ability to analyse and understand rich urban contexts and to propose and design projects within those contexts. For 2019, the school will focus specifically on the relationship of Dublin Port with the city, building on a collaborative relationship with the Dublin Port Company. UCD Architecture has a global reputation for excellence in design and research in architectural and urban history.

UCD Architecture is the only programme in Ireland to be accredited by the professional institutes of both Ireland and Britain; the Royal Institute of the Architects of Ireland, and the Royal Institute of British Architecture. Since 2017, its programme is also accorded Substantial Equivalency by the NAAB. UCD Landscape Architecture is the only programme of its kind in Ireland and it is accredited by the Irish Landscape Institute and the International Federation of Landscape Architects.

Theme: City Life

Understanding a specific urban context in Dublin, through analysis, visualisation and reflection. Four weeks of collaborative fieldwork, research and design, using techniques including photography, filmmaking and drawing which allow urban landscapes and spaces of scale to be represented and comprehended. Students will identify specific conditions in the landscape that interest them and map/depict these through their chosen media. A number of distinct workshops and seminars will run over the course of the programme, offered by expert practitioners and research-active faculty. Previous workshops have Included sketching and drawing in the field, film-making, photography and the translation of space to image, use of pinhole cameras, virtual reality, soundscapes.

From fieldwork and analysis, the focus in the second part of the Summer School will shift to proposing and designing. Workshops and reviews will develop capacities, again using a wide range of media and techniques. Design development will be intensively tutored by instructors and tutors, through a mix of individual and small group tuition. Based on the hallmarks of UCD’s programme, particular attention will be paid to the experiential and material aspects of design – how buildings are made and how they feel. Drawing and model making will be central to this process.

A series of lectures and visits will accompany the Summer School. Work is process-based over the four weeks, culminating in curating your own exhibition. Students’ process-based work will be critiqued and exhibited in a public gallery.

Provisional Programme Structure

*May be subject to change

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Lectures &
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Lectures &
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Lectures &
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The minimum GPA requirement is 3.00.  This summer school will be attractive to students with background studies in architecture, landscape architecture, architectural studies, urban planning, digital media, photography, film studies, liberal arts and the fine arts.


Joanne Reilly, Study Abroad Programme Manager, UCD College of Engineering & Architecture, Tel: +353 1 716 1867; Email: