Student Testimonial


Zhizhen Song, Architecture Sophomore Student, University of Nottingham, Ningbo, Summer 2017

This was a fantastic opportunity to participate in the UCD International Summer School. During the three weeks, the various lectures offered me different perspectives to analysis the relationship between port and city, and diverse workshops helped me with skills to represent my idea.

Many precious visits were provided, such as the morning trip to see a ferry entering the port, the walk on the Great South Wall and face-to-face seminars with various artists and architects. Additionally, I experienced Irish culture and enjoyed myself after class. For any future architects, I think it worth spending time on this summer school. What I learnt this summer really broadened my horizon, and I feel it will be a great help to my future studies and career.

Silvia Doherty, BSc in Architectural Science, University College Dublin

‘I was sad to leave such a creative place as NCAD. International students and UCD students felt at home straight away. The collaboration was in my opinion an ingenious idea of bringing artistic minds together. I learnt how artistic students from other disciplines researched and brain-stormed new ideas. I learnt how to set up an exhibition in a gallery space and I indirectly learnt an abundance more knowledge of which I don’t even realise how useful it is to me till it is sparked up in the future. In three weeks I learnt a lot about City Life through other viewpoints and not just those of an architecture student. We were in the heart of the city and our subjects for inspiration, the people of the city, were within arms reach. The small and intense time frame we had stimulated our creativity and the challenges presented to us encouraged creativity. From lectures and Pecha Kucha seminars to visits to the Gravity Bar and more there wasn’t a moment lost where I wasn’t fed with information and inspiration. It is something I will bring with me in my future studies and creations. I hope that this collaboration between NCAD and UCD will grow and grow to inspire and create magnificent new ideas for the future.’


Priscila Carrico Villachan Lyra, 5th of August 2014, Architecture & Urbanism, Universidade Federal de Pernambuco, Brazil

‘The UCD International Summer School was an outstanding experience. It was one month of totally new discoveries about Dublin Architecture. I could learn in a more relaxing way, which helped me in the creative process and in the development of ideas. The diversity of the subject of the talks gave me a better understanding of the city’s dynamic. The visits to some brilliant works were an encouragement to a reflection of how design ideas can work as problem solutions, which was really inspiring. Also I could learn new methods and ideas of concepts representation, which is extremely important for any architect. It was not only an experience that I will be able to apply in my future career, but a change in perspective that I will take for the rest of my life.’