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School Contact List

Please find below a list of contacts within UCD School of Archaeology - an alternative list with photographs can be found here.

Note: that when dialling internationally all extension numbers should be preceeded with 00353 1 716

Associate Professor Barry Molloybarry.molloy@ucd.ieExt. 8529

Name Email Phone
Professor Joanna Bruck  (HOS) joanna.bruck@ucd.ie Ext. 8607
Dr Rob Sands (Deputy HOS) robert.sands@ucd.ie  Ext. 8341
Angela McAteer (School Manager)  archaeology@ucd.ie  Ext. 8312
Conor McDermott (Laboratory And Field Officer) conor.mcdermott@ucd.ie  Ext. 8668 
Dr Jess Beck (Ad Astra Fellow) Jess.Beck@ucd.ie  Ext. –
Dr Neil Carlin (Head of Teaching and Learning) neil.carlin@ucd.ie  Ext. 8384
Dr Claire Cave  claire.cave@ucd.ie  Ext. 8358
Dr Rory Connolly (Post Doctoral Research Fellow) rory.connolly@ucd.ie -
Dr Stephen Davis  stephen.davis@ucd.ie  Ext. 8534
Dr Amanda Kelly amanda.kelly@ucd.ie Ext. 8172
Dr Ryan Lash  (Post Doctoral Research Fellow) ryan.lash@ucd.ie
Associate Professor Helen Lewis  (Research Director) helen.lewis@ucd.ie  Ext. 8169
Associate Professor Meriel McClatchie meriel.mcclatchie@ucd.ie Ext. 8314
Dr Dimitra Michail  (Research Scientist) Dimitra.Michail@ucd.ie -
Dr Brendan O'Neill brendan.oneill@ucd.ie Ext. 8739
Professor Tadhg O'Keeffe tadhg.okeeffe@ucd.ie  Ext. 8280
Professor Aidan O'Sullivan (Graduate Director) aidan.osullivan@ucd.ie  Ext. 8252 
Dr Alan Peatfield   alan.peatfield@ucd.ie Ext. 8243
Dr Fabienne Pigiere (Research Scientist) fabienne.pigiere@ucd.ie -
Dr Robert Power (IRC Postdoctoral Fellow) robert.power@ucd.ie -
Dr Anita Radini  (Ad Astra Fellow) anita.radini@ucd.ie Ext.
Associate Professor Jessica Smyth jessica.smyth@ucd.ie Ext. 8304
Professor Graeme Warren graeme.warren@ucd.ie Ext. 8613 

Professor Gabriel Cooney Emeritus Full Professor of Celtic Archaeology  
Professor Liam Downey Adjunct Full Professor  
Dr Ruth Carden Adjunct Research Fellow -
Dr Cliodhna Ni Lionain Adjunct Research Fellow  
Dr Lorna O'Donnell Adjunct Research Fellow  

Contact UCD School of Archaeology

Newman Building, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland.
T: +353 1 716 8312 | E: archaeology@ucd.ie