Identity Statement for RTÉ Radio Drama and Variety Scripts

  • Reference code: IE UCDA P261
  • Title: RTÉ Radio Drama and Variety Scripts
  • Dates: 1931–2000
  • Level of description: Fonds
  • Extent: 422 boxes
  • Context
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Institutional History

Irish broadcasting began on 1 January 1926, with a first transmission from the newly-founded public broadcaster, the ‘Irish Free State Broadcasting Service’, popularly called 2RN. Acting on a report by the Special Committee on Wireless Broadcasting in March 1924, it had been decided to establish a State service managed by the Department of Posts and Telegraphs, and a Wireless Telegraphy Act was passed in November 1926. With the installation of a high-power transmitter in Athlone, the Dublin and Cork stations became known as ‘Radio Athlone’ from 1932 onwards; this was restyled to ‘Radio Éireann’ in 1937. After the addition of Teilifís Éireann in 1961, the combined services were renamed ‘Radió Teilifís Éireann’ in 1966 (Broadcasting Authority Amendment Act), and finally ‘Raidió Teilifís Éireann’ in 2009 (Broadcasting Act).

Radio drama and variety programmes at Radio Éireann were handled by the Productions Office, with John McDonagh as its first head (1935–47), followed by H.L. Morrow (1947-51), and Micheál Ó hAodha (acting from 1951, appointed 1953).

The Productions Office dealt with radio drama proper (in English and Irish), with plays adapted for radio either from stage plays or from prose works, with variety programmes (music, comedy, quiz shows and general entertainment), as well as features and documentaries in the form of short plays; the latter usually with an educational agenda.

In the early decades, radio drama suffered from a lack of resources, in terms of both actors and dramatic material written specifically for radio. Occasionally plays were relayed from various theatres; otherwise, Radio Éireann employed part-time actors. The production standards of radio drama, features and variety, were significantly enhanced by the foundation in 1947 of a permanent repertory group of players, the Radio Éireann Players.

Archival History

The three collections of RTÉ Radio Scripts, Irish-language Talk Scripts (P259), English-language Talk Scripts (P260), and these Radio Drama and Variety Scripts (P261) were transferred from RTÉ custody to UCD Archives in July 2011 to facilitate a programme of archival re-packing, cataloguing and surrogating.

Scope and Content

Radio Drama: dramatic pieces written for radio.

Radio Drama in Adaptation: adaptations from either stage plays or prose works.

Documentaries: radio features in dramatic form, many for young listeners (e.g. the series 'Treasure House').

Variety Programmes: light entertainment, comedy and sketches.

Correspondence concerning plays, adaptations, employment, between the Productions Office and other Radio Éireann/ RTÉ personnel, authors, adaptors, and actors.

Authors: c.1,650 playwrights and prose writers, some of them employees of Radio Éireann/RTÉ either as occasional writers or full-time scriptwriters. 

(ad) indicates where an author was dramatised or otherwise adapted for broadcasting. 

Jaroslaw Abramow, John Acton, Arthur Adamov, Rhys Adrian, Renate Ahrens-Krämer, Frederick Aicken, Conrad Aiken, W. Harrison Ainsworth, Edward Albee, Peter Albrechtsen, Louisa Alcott (ad), Verna Alexander, Grant Allen (ad), Wolfgang Altendorf, Simon Amberley, Constance Powell Anderson, Maxwell Anderson (ad), Stefan Andres (ad), Joe Andrews, Tom Andrews, Louis Angely, Jean Anouilh, Richard Anthony, John Antrobus, Jules Archer (ad), John Arden, Örnólfur Árnason, Robert Arthur, David Ashton, R.J. Atkins, Sam Aughtry, Stacy Aumonier (ad), Marcel Aymé, Aristophanes, Jonas Arnason, Mark Arnstein, Ken Armstrong, Martin Armstrong (ad), Georges Arnaud (ad), Fernando Arrabal, Cynthia Asquith (ad), Liane Aukin, Jane Austen (ad), Alan Ayckburn, 

Paul Badger, Enid Bagnold (ad), Doris Bailey, John Bailie, Leslie Baily, Arthur Ponsford Baker, Frank Baker, John L. Balderston and J.C. Squire (ad), Brendan Balfe, Ivy Bannister, John Banville, Leland Bardwell, Philip Barker, Peter Barnes, Alexander Baron (ad), Delores Baron, Densil Barr, Bernard Barratt, Brian Barrett, James M.Barrie, David W. Barron (‘Wilson Davidson’), Sebastian Barry (ad), Michael Bartlett, Harry Barton, L. Frank Baum (ad), Clifford Bax, Samuel Beckett, Brendan Behan, Alfred Behrens, Alfred Behrens and Heiner Goebbels, Mary Hayley Bell, Nigel Bellairs, Mrs Lowndes Belloc (ad), Roderich Benedix, Stephen Vincent Benet (ad), E.F. Benson, Hugh Beresford and C.S. St Brelade Seale (ad), Barry Bermange, Georges Bernanos, Allan Berrie, Giuseppe Berto (ad), Ugo Betti, Christopher Bidmead, L.R. Bidston, Paul Biegel, Ambrose Bierce (ad), Pamela Bins, Stan Birrell, Jon Bing and Tor Age Bringsvaerd, Donald Taylor Black, Graham Blackett, Anthony Blinco, Enid Blyton, Anders Bodelsen, Hans Böggild, Bridget Boland, John Boland, Rolf Boldrewood (ad), Josef Bor, Michel Bory, John Bowen, Matthew Brady, Deasún Breathnach (ad), Sean Breatnach, Michael Brett , James Bridie, John Berkery, Jean-Jacques Bernard (ad), Charles Bertin, Max Berton, Albert A. Bestic, Geoffrey Bevan, Roy Bolitho, Robert Oxton Bolt (ad), Paul Bond, John Bonnet (ad), Dion Boucicault, Paul Bourget (ad), Jimmy Bourke, Andrew Bovell, Caroline Bowder, F.J. Bowley, Andrew Boyd, Edward Boyd, Clare Boylan (ad), Martin Boylan, Patrick Boyle, William Boyle, George Brady, Sean Brady, Ernest Bramah (ad), Eddie Brannigan, Bertold Brecht, Elias Bredsdorff, John Brennan, Elizabeth Brennan, Liam Brennan, Robert Brennan, Peter Brent, Michael Brett, Roy Brewer, David Bridge, Eugène Brieux, A.W. Brighouse, Harold Brighouse, John Broderick, Jacob Bronowski, Anne Brontë (ad), Charlotte Brontë (ad), Emily Brontë (ad), J.C.W. Brook, Simon Brooke, M.M. Brooks, Peter Brooks, G.C. Brown, Morris Brown, Tony Browne, Stephen Buck, Anthony William Buckingham, Donald Bull, Aileen Burke and Leone Stewart, Frances Hodgson Burnett (ad), Simon Burt, Margery Bailey Butler (Sr Mary Alphonsus), Michael Butler, Ray Butler, William Butler, Agnes Buttner, Alan Byrne, Bernard Byrne, Denis Byrne, Donn Byrne (ad), Gabriel Byrne, Lawrence Byrne, Lord George Gordon Byron (ad), 

Helen Cahill, Michael Feeney Callan, Philip Callan, Michael Cahill, Carmel Callan, Joaquin Calvo-Sotelo (ad), Don Cameron, Eric Cameron, Barry Campbell, Helen Campbell, Mary Campbell, Michael Campion, David Campton, Peter Devon Cansdale, Guido Cantini (ad), Marianne Carey, Maurice Carey, William Carleton (ad), Frank Carney, John Dixon Carr, Niall Carroll and John Healy, Paul Vincent Carroll, Angela Carter, Gearóid Cartwright, James F. Cashen, Éamon Cassidy, Joseph Cassidy, Carlo Castelli, Henry Cecil, Susannah Centlivre, Santo Cervello, Gilbert Cesbron, Mark Channing, Maureen Charlton, James Cheasty, Evelyn Cheesman (ad), Anton Chekhov (ad), Scott Cherry, Erskine B. Childers, Jimmie Chinn, Martin Chisholm, Patricia Chown, Nirav Christophe and Jacques Peeters, Caryl Churchill, Michael Clare, Gwyn Clark, Angela Clarke, Arthur C. Clarke (ad), Austin Clarke, Marcus Clarke, Paul Claudel, Jon Clayton, Brian Cleeve, Patrick Clifford, Sigerson Clifford (see ‘Balladmakers’ Saturday Night’), Rex Close, Richard Cobbold (ad), Joseph Cochran, Michael Coffey and Wesley Burrowes, M. Charles Cohen, David Coleman, Martin Collins, Martin Collins and Diarmuid Ó Liahain, Wilkie Collins (ad), Robert Collis, Marie Filippone Colonna, Donald Colquhoun, Pádraic Colum, Brian Comerford, John Conlan, Pat Connole, Patrick Rearden Connor ('Reardon Conner'), Joseph Conrad (ad), Denis Constanduros, James F. Cooper, Giles Cooper, Jeanne Cooper-Foster, A.E. Coppard (ad), Charles Cordier (ad), Rosalind Corfe, Rosalind Corfe and Daphne Epton, Daniel Corkery (Domhnall Ó Corcora), T.P. Costello, A.N. Coughlan, John Coulter, Michel Cournot, Georges Courteline, Elizabeth Courtney, Noël Coward, John Cowell, Constance Cox, H.A.L. Craig, Patrick Crane, Peter Creswell and Barbara Burnham, Bithia Mary Croker (ad), Richmal Crompton, Anthony Cronin, Eric Cross, Anne Crosse, Tom Crowe, Christine Crowley, Jack Cruise, Jim Cullen, Leo Cullen, Paddy Cullen, Marten Cumberland, Danny Cummins, Stella Martin Currey, Martin Currie, Michael Cussen, 

Carlos d’Aguila, Leslie Daiken, Eileen Dalton, Joan D’Alton (ed.), Louis D’Alton, Anne Daly, Leo, Daly and Bernard Share, Pat Daly, Patrick C. Daly, Wally K. Daly, Patricia Danaher, Tim Danaher, Vivian A. Daniels, Margaretta D'Arcy and John Arden, Michael D’Arcy, Paul Darcy, Jean Darling, Alphonse Daudet, Ethel G. Davidson, Norris Davidson, Andrew Davies, Betty Davies, Maurice Davin-Power, Colin Davis, Mary Davis, Owen Davis, Pat Davis, Patrick Dawson, Ronald Dawson and Anne Howard Bailey, S.R. Day and G.D. Cummins, Pat Davis, Ivor Dean, Honoré de Balzac (ad), Théodore de Banville (ad), Sean de Barra, Séamus de Bhilmot, Aodh de Blacam, Ursula de Brun, Miguel de Cervantes (ad), Tony Deegan, Tony Deegan and Jim O'Donnell, Arthur J. Deeny, Warwick Deeping (ad), Teresa Deevy, Seamus de Faoite, Eduardo De Filippo (ad), Daniel Defoe (ad), Celia de Fréine, Sheelagh Delaney, Jean Delmouse (ad), Guy de Maupassant (ad), Henry de Montherlant, Fran Dempsey, Terry Dempsey-O'Driscoll, Pádraig Denihan, Davnet Dennehy, Denis Dennehy, René de Obaldia, Victor de Paor, Alfred de Sauviniers (ad), Sinéad de Valera, Martin Devaney, Frederick de Verteuil (‘Frederick Benedict’), Tom Devine, Eugene Devlin, Pete Devlin, Gabriel d’Hervilliez (ad), Jorge Diaz, Jose Fernando Dicenta, Charles Dickens (ad), Julian Dickon, Barbara Dillon, Eilís Dillon (ad), J.P. Dillon, Joe Dillon (Seosamh Ó Diolúin), Peter Dineen, J.L. Dinnigan, Josef Dirnbeck, Beulah Marie Dix, Miroslav Djurdjevic, Albert Dobson, Billy Donegan, Maureen Donegan, Vojislav Donic, Neil Donnelly, Emma Donoghue, Michael Donovan-Schofield, Dermot K.Doolan, Dermot Doolan and Michael McGarry, Milo Dor, Nora Dorman, James Douglas, James Douglas and Robert Horan, Lloyd C. Douglas (ad), Clare Dowling, G.Dourgwenn, Arthur Conan Doyle (ad), Rose Doyle, Jaak Dreesen, John Drinkwater, V.H. Drummond (ad), Joseph Ducke, Ernest Dudley, Martin Duffy, Raymond Duffy, Alex du Frenes, Dave Duggan, Alexandre Dumas, Daphne du Maurier (ad), George du Maurier (ad), Desmond Duncan, Myles Dungan and Jim Lusby, Frank Dunne, John J. Dunne, Lee Dunne, Anne Dunphy, Marguerite Duras (ad), Francis Durbridge, Friedrich Dürrenmatt, Maria Edgeworth (ad), Hilton Edwards and Micheál Mac Liammóir, 

Trevor T. Edwards (ad), Kevin R. Egan, Norrie Egan, Herbert Eisenreich, David Elford, George Eliot (ad), T.S. Eliot (ad), Grant Ellen (ad), Stanley Ellin (ad), David Ellis, Graham England, St John Ervine, George Ewart Evans (ad), Richard Everett, 

Jack Fagan, Paddy Fahy, Kevin Faller, Brian Fallon, Gabriel Fallon, Pádraic Fallon, Jeffery Farnol (ad), Stewart Farrar, Anne Farrell, Bernard Farrell, Leo Farrell, Michael Farrell, Robert Farrell, William Farrell (ad), Conor Farrington, George and Gertrude Fass, Niamh Fawl with Bill Dorris, Jeanne Feasey, Pat Feeley, Richard Fegen, James B. Fell, Felix Felton, Jill Fenton, J.A. Ferguson (ad), Jean-Piere Ferrière, Octave Feuillet, Yves Feux, Georges Feydeau, Kathleen Fidler, Leck Fischer, P.J. Fitzgerald, Brendan Fitzgibbon, Constantine Fitzgibbon, George Fitzmaurice, Christopher Fitz-Simon, Tony Flaherty, Conor Fleetwood, John Fleming, Sheila Flitton, Arthur Flynn, Charles I. Foley, James Follett, Jean Follonier, Kevin Forbes, Richard Forbes (ad), Robert Forde, C.S. Forrester (ad), Desmond Forristal, Giovacchino Forzano (ad), F.R. Foster, Laurence Foster, Pat Foster, Ian Fox, Seamus Fox, William Fox, Barbara Foxe, Helena France, J.O. Francis, Pierre François, Ken Fraser, Scott Fredericks, R. Austin Freeman (ad), Billy French, Helen French, Brian Friel, Max Frisch (ad), Christopher FryJames J. Furlong, 

Brian Gallagher, Miriam Gallagher, Lee Gallaher, Paul Gallico, G.P. Gallivan, John Galsworthy, Patrick Galvin, Andrew Ganly, Ted Gannon, John Gardner, Raymond Garlick, Pat Garrett, Andrew Garve, Elizabeth Gaskell (ad), Tudor Gates, C. Neilson Gattey and Z. Bramley-Moore, Pat Galvin, Clive Geraghty, Wilhelm Gerhardi (ad), Friedrich Gerstäcker (ad), Dorothy Gharboui, Henri Ghéon (ad), Peter Gibbs, Charles Louis Gilbert (Liam Mac Giolla Bhríde), W.S. Gilbert, Brian Gildea, Patrick Gilligan (see Pádhraic Ó Giollagáin), Donal Giltinan, Jean Giono (ad), Jean Giraudoux (ad), Patrick Given, Brendan Glacken, Joanna Glass, Irene Joyce Gliddon, J.A. Glynn, David H. Godfrey, Nikolai Gogol (ad), Patrick D. Gold, Eddie Golden, Oliver Goldsmith, Patricia Goldstone, Ivan Goncharov (ad), Eileen Gordon, Daniel E. Gorman, Declan Gorman, Edward Francis Gormley, Philip Goulding, Caroline Graham, S.J. Graham, Kenneth Grahame (ad), Kevin Grattan, Dulcie Gray, Nigel Gray, Lily Ann Green, Graham Greene (ad), Lady Augusta Gregory, Rachel Grieve, Brendan Griffin, Gerald Griffin, Glyn Griffiths, Éamon Guaillí, Giovannino Guareschi(ad), John Guiney, Max Gundermann (ad), 

Florence Hackett, John Hackett ('An Pilibín'), Max Hafler, H. Rider Haggard, Anna Maria Hall (‘S.C. Hall’), Willis Hall, John Halloran, Glenn Hamilton, Louise Hamilton, Patrick Hamilton, William J.Hammond, John Hanby, James Hanley, James Owen Hannay ('George A. Birmingham'), Marie Hannigan, John Hanrahan, Kathleen Hardie, Chris Hardwick, Michael Hardwick, Thomas Hardy (ad), Michael J. Harnett, Terry Harper, Niall C. Harrington, Anne Harris, James G. Harris, Bernice Harrison, Carey Harrison, Norman Harrison, Moss Hart and George S. Kaufman, Brett Harte (ad), Micheál Hartnett and Caitlín Maude, Frank (Francis) Harvey, W.F. Harvey (ad), Margaret Hassett, Finn Havrevold, Don Haworth, Nathaniel Hawthorne (ad), Peter Haycroft, David Hayes, Frank Hayes, James Hayes, Felicity Hayes-McCoy, Gerard Anthony Hayes-McCoy, Frank Headland, Gerard Healy, Duncan Heenan, Lillian Hellman, Marian Hemar, Ernest Hemingway (ad), Roparz Hemon (ad), Una Henderson, Tom Hennigan, Tom Hennigan and John O'Donovan, Ignat Herrmann (ad), Oskar Herrmann, Rory Hewson, Paul Heyse (ad), Arnold Hichliffe, Gerry Hickey, Tony Hickey, Aidan Higgins, Archie Hill, Arnold Hill, B. John Hill, Stewart Hill, Maurice Hilliard, Fritz Hochwälder (ad), Derek Hoddinott, Constance Hodgkinson, Sheila Hodgson, Desmond Hogan, Lindsay Hogg, Hester Holland, John Hollis, Paul Holme, Ellen Holmes, Maurice Holmes, Kathryn Holmquist, Leo Holohan, Patricia Hooker, Anthony Hope, Ann Marie Horan, L.G. Horsefield, Stanley Houghton (ad), Lawrence Housman, Liam Houston, Bjørn Høvik, William Dean Howells (ad), Geoffrey Hubbard, Henry Hudson, Colin Huggett, Richard Huggett, Alan Hughes, Victor Hugo (ad), Denis Hulbert, Malcolm Hulke and Eric Paice, Emyr Humphreys, A.C. Hunt, N.C. Hunter, Ewart Hutton, Douglas Hyde (Dubhghlas de hÍde), Michael Hyde, Jill Hyem, 

Henrik Ibsen (ad), Patrick Ingoldsby ('Rob Wall'), William Ingram, Fernando Martín Iniesta, Victor Ruiz Iriarte, Mairéad Irish, Herman Irvine, 

Rosamund Jacob (ad), W.W. Jacobs, Jokull Jakobsson, M.R. James, Susan James, Jack Jaquine, Shirley Jenkins,Jerome K. Jerome (ad), Thomas Job, Kenneth John, Richard Johnson, Denis Johnston, Fred Johnston (ad), Jennifer Johnston, Gerry Jones, A. Tudor Jones, Gerry Jones, J.A. Jones, Julia Jones, Leonard Baker Jones, Margaret Jones, Noel Jones, Neil Jordan, James Joyce (ad), Dermod P. Judge, Michael Judge, Quinn A. Judge, 

Erich Kästner (ad), Franz Kafka (ad), Marcy Kahan, James Otis Kaler ('James Otis') (ad), Patrick Kavanagh, Éamon Keane, John B. Keane, Stephen Kearney, D.L. Kelleher, Anna Kelly, Diarmuid Kelly, Éamonn Kelly, Mike Kelly, Nick David Kelly, Patrick Kelly, Thomas Kelly, Hugh Kemp, Douglas Kennedy, Harry Kennedy, Katherine Kennedy, Mary Jane Kenefick, Brendan Kennelly, Joseph Kenny, Pádraig Kenny, Joseph Kesserling, Daniel Keyes, André Keyten, Charles Kickham (ad), Benedict Kiely, Kevin Kiely, Evanna Kilmurray, Evanna Kilmurray and Deirdre Brennan, Thomas Kilroy, Jerome Kilty, Alan King, Alan King and Barry Morse, Clive King, J.J. King, John Kirkmorris, Kan Kirkuci, Ephraim Kishon, C.H.B. Kitchin (ad), A.E. Knight, Gerry Knight, Susan Knight, Ronald Knox, Ole Henrik Kock, Arthur Kopit, Bernard Kops, Esko Korpilinna, Berislav Kosier, 

Josette Labbé, Eugène Labiche and M.A. Jolly, Eugène Labiche and Édouard Martin, Selma Lagerlöf, Ian Laidlaw, John M. Langan, Nietta La Scala, Heather Laskey, Robert Latchford, William J. Laubenstein (ad), Dee La Vardera, Maura Laverty (ad), Emmet Lavery, Mary Lavin (ad), D.H. Lawrence, Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, Vincent Lawrence, David Lawton and Caroline Ross, Patrick Layde, Anne Leaton, Gilbert Leautier, Anna Lee, Chris Lee, Owen Leeming, Joseph Sheridan Le Fanu (ad), Maurice Leitch, T.C. Lengyel, Cathy Lenihan, John O’Connor Lennon, P.J. Lennon, Ronit Lentin, Hugh Leonard, Hugh Leonard/ Mark Grantham/ Glenn Barret, Mollie Leonard ('Denis O'Dwyer'), Philip Levene, A.J. Leventhal, Charles Lever (ad), Paolo Levi, Muriel Levy, Leopold Lewis, Fergus Linehan, Fergus Linehan and Frank Sheerin, Joe Liss, Deirdre Little, Lala Lloyd, W.J. Long, Christine Longford, Gerry Loose, Walter Lord (ad), Jack Loudan (ad), Stewart Love, Samuel Lover (ad), Alan Lovett, Marie Belloc Lowndes (ad), John Lucarotti, Edward Luckarift and Robert McLeod, Sean Lucy, Colm Luibhéid, Vera Luke, Jerzy Lutowski (ad), Gavin Lyall, Hilary Lynch, John Lynch, Malcolm Lynch, Patricia Lynch, Ray Lynott, Bill Lyons, D. Gregory Lyons, JoJo Lyons, Andrew Lysaght, 

Eily MacAdam, Gloria McAdam, Michael McAleese, Dónall Mac Amhlaigh, Liam Mac Amhlaoibh, Proinsias Mac an Bheatha, Gearóid Mac an Bhua Tomás Mac Anna, Tomás Mac Anna and Caoimhín Ó Conghaile, Pádraig Mac an Ultaigh, Gerry McArdle, Paul MacArdle, Sam McAughtry, Brian McAvera, Labhrás Mac Brádaigh, Eugene McCabe, Pat McCabe, Seamus MacCall and H.L. Morrow, James McCallen, John McCann, P.L. McCann, P.L. McCann and Sidney Carroll, P.L. McCann and Seán Crawford, Shaun McCann and Martin Collins, Shaun McCann and Mike Ewing, Noel McCarron, B.G. McCarthy, Charles McCarthy, J. Bernard McCarthy, Patrick McCarthy, David McCart-Martin, Russell McCartney, Nick McCarty, Seán Mac Cathmhaoil, Breandán Mac Cnáimhsí and Liam Budhlaer, Donagh MacDonagh, John MacDonagh, Thomas MacDonagh, George MacDonald (ad), Roderick S. MacDonald, Seán Mac Donnchadha, Gerry McDonnell, John McDonnell, Michael McDonnell, John McDwyer, Murdo Macfarlane, Seán Mac Fheorais, John McGahern, 'Rex MacGall' (aka Deasún Breathnach), Niall McGarrigle, Seán Mac Gearailt, Kevin McGee, David McGibbon, Patrick McGill (ad), Pádraig Mac Giolla Íosa, Proinsias Mac Giollarnáth, Kathleen M. Bourke McGillion, Bernard McGinn, Pauline M'Gonigle, Gerry McGovern, Jim McGowan, Toby McGrath, M.F. McHugh, Michael McHugh and Fergus McLafferty, Roger McHugh, Tom MacIntyre, Walter Macken, James McKenna, Annette McKenzie, Barbara McKeon, Gary McKeone, David McKeown, Patrick D. McKeown, Rex Mackey, Barry McKinley, Charles Macklin, Patricia Anne MacLachlan, Moray McLaren, Thomas McLaughlin, Michael McLaverty, Archibald MacLeish, Robert MacLeod, Micheál Mac Liammóir, Piaras F. Mac Lochlainn, Noel McLoughlin, Patrick J. McLoughlin, William MacLysaght, Bryan MacMahon, Francis McManus, Kay McManus, M.J. McManus, May McManus, Michael McManus ('Brian Ward'), Seán Mac Maoláin, Éamonn Mac Murchadha, Brinsley McNamara, Gerald MacNamara, Louis MacNeice, Frances McNeil, Janet McNeill, Patrick McNulty, Liam Mac Reachtain, Gerard MacRory, Roger McShane, Seán Mac Suláin, E.F. MacSweeney ('Maxwell Sweeney'), Máighréad Mac Sweeney, Marie MacSweeney, Terence McSwiney, Michael McTernan, Tadhg Mac Tomáis, Seán Mac Torcail, Liam Mac Uistin, Jean MacVean, Aodhan Madden, Maurice Maeterlinck (ad), William Maginn (ad), Eddie Maguire, John K.Maguire ('John Kevin'), Patrick ('P.P.') Maguire, Richard Maguire, Bríd Mahon, Matthew Mahon, Vincent Mahon, John Mahony, James Maidment, David Zane Mairowitz, Miles Malleson and Jacques Théry (ad), Aubrey Malone, David Mamet, Wolf Mankowicz, Ena Manning, George Manning-Saunders, Katherine Mansfield (ad), Alessandro Manzoni (ad), André Marcel, Gabriel Marcel (ad), David Marcus, Frank Marcus, Pierre de Marivaux, Christopher Marlowe, Philip Marriott, Fernando Maruffo, Frederick Marryat (ad), Ngaio Marsh (ad), David Marshall, Oliver Marshall, Jean Marsus, David Martin, Patricia Martin, Patrick Martin, Paul Martin, Reginald Martin, Edward Martyn, Fernando Maruffo, John Masefield, A.E.W. Mason, Arthur Mason (ad), Berkely Mather, William Somerset Maugham (ad), François Mauriac, Jane Maxwell, Sarah Maxwell, Elizabeth May, Ena May, F.L. Mayell, 'Rutherford Mayne' (aka Samuel John Waddell), Glenn Meade, Patrick Meehan and Fran Dempsey, Martin Meenan, Maurice Meldon, Alan Melville, Herman Melville (ad), George Meredith (ad), George and Audrey Meredith, Prosper Mérimée (ad), Brian Merriman, Kenneth Methold, Michael Meyer, George Mikes, Arthur Miller (ad), Raymond Miller, Nigel Stansbury Millett ('Richard Oke'), D. Mintoff, Roy Minton, Yukio Mishima (ad), Janet Mitchell, Seán Moffatt, Jules Moinaux, Molière (ad), Maura Molloy, Michael J. Molloy, Tony Molloy, Yvonne Voigt Molloy, Patrizia Monaco, Thomas Monaghan, Emer Monahan, Iain Montague, L.M. Montgomery, Laurence Moody, Brian Moore (ad), George Moore, Charles Morgan, Steve Morley, Vera Morris, Éamonn Morrissey, H.L. Morrow (Labhrás Mac Murchadh), John Mortimer, Simon Moss, Gregory Motton, Jack Mullen, Robert S. Mullen, Dinah Maria Mulock, Timothy J. Mulvey, Michael Mulvihill, Mary Munro, Neil Munro (ad), Gabriel Murphy, James Murphy, Michael J. Murphy, Richard M. Murphy, Thomas Murphy and Noel O’Donoghue, Tom Murphy, Augustine Murray Jnr, Oliver Murray, Paul Murray, T.C. Murray, Oliver Murray, Joe Musaphia, Adolf Muschg, 

Maurice Nash, Kedar Nath, Breda Nathan, Bill Naughton, Eoin Neeson, Robert Neilson, Kevin Nemeth, Edith Nesbit (ad), T.G. Nestor, Margaret Neylon, Síle Ní Bhroin, Maor Nic Aodha, Treasa Nic Aodháin, Lil Nic Dhonnchadha, Dario Niccodemi (ad), Máiréad Ní Cheallacháin, Síle Ní Chéileachair, James W. Nichol, Máirín Ní Chriagáin, Máire Nic Niocláis (Bean Uí Challanáin) Sorcha Nic Philib, Áine Ní Dhoibhlinn, Máire Ní Ghráda, Róisín Ní Sheaghdha, Maighréad Ní Shuibhne, Bríd Ní Shúilleabháin, Siobhán Ní Shúilleabháin, Jim Nolan, Mike Nolan, Patrick Nolan, Michael Noonan, Gillman Noone, Ingred Norby, William Norfolk, Patrick Norman, Frank Norris (ad), 

Michael O’Beirne, Liam Ó Briain, Seán Ó Briain, Conor Cruise O'Brien, Eugene O'Brien, Kate O’Brien (ad), Lorraine O'Brien, Michael O’Brien, William O’Brien, Fitzjames O’Brien, Risteard Ó Broin, Seán Ó Broin, Micheál Ó Brolcháin, Cathal O’Byrne, Fergal O'Byrne, Máirtín Ó Cadhain, Michael P. O'Callaghan, Harriet O'Carroll, M.P. O'Carroll ('Michael Pierce'), Sean O’Casey (ad), Liam Ó Catháin, Aodh Ó Cathaláin, Seán Óg Ó Ceallacháin, Liam Ó Ceallaigh, Pádraig Ó Ceallaigh (‘Ceol na Bealtaine’), Éamon Ó Ceanainn, Proinsias Ó Cearnaigh, Donncha Ó Céileachair, Domhnall Ó Ceocháin, Séamus Ó Cléirigh, Liam Ó Cochláin, Tomás Ó Cofaigh, Seosamh Ó Coinnigh, Dónal Ó Colmáin (ad), Domhnall O’Conaill, Pádraig Ó Conaire (ad), Pádraig Óg Ó Conaire, Proinsias Ó Conluain, Proinsias Ó Conluain agus Ciarán Ó Nualláin, Charles C. O’Connell, Dan O’Connell and Dan Treston, Anthony O’Connor, Claire O'Connor, Frank O’Connor, Frank O'Connor and Hugh Hunt, Joan O’Connor, Joseph O’Connor, Kevin O'Connor, Michael O'Connor, Michael P. O’Connor, Ulick O’Connor, P.J. O’Connor, Cóilín Ó Corrbuí, Máirtín Ó Corrbuí [Ó Coirbiú], Tomás Ó Criomhthainn (ad), Micheál Ó Cuill agus Cormac Mac Carthaigh, Colm Ó Dálaigh, Pádraig Ó Dálaigh, Jimmy O’Dea and Maureen Potter, John Odin and James Shields, Seamus Ó Diolúin, Máirtín Ó Diomsaigh, Máirtín Ó Direáin, Aodh Ó Domhnaill, Pádraig Ó Domhnaill, Jim O'Donnell, Joe O’Donnell, Peadar O’Donnell (ad), T.J. O’Donnell, Robert O’Donoghue, W. O’Donoghue, W.P. O’Donohue, Harry O’Donovan, Harry Donovan and H.L. Morrow, Hugh O’Donovan, John O’Donovan, John O’Donovan and Tom Hennigan, Seán Ó Drisceoil, Peadar Ó Dubhda, John O’Dwyer, Marie O’Dwyer, Pádraig Ó Fágáin, P.S. Ó Fágáin, Éamon Ó Faoláin, Eileen Ó Faoláin, Séamus Ó Faoláin, Seán Ó Faoláin, Roibéard Ó Faracháin, Páraic Ó Fatharta, Pádraig Ó Fiannachta, Liam Ó Flaithearta (ad), Antoine Ó Flatharta, Criostóir Ó Floinn, Cliodna O'Flynn, Éamon Ó Gallchobhair with Tomás Ó Coileáin, Tomás Ó Gallchobhair, Pádraig Ó Giollagáin (Patrick Gilligan), Eoghan Ó Grádaigh, Desmond O'Grady Luke O’Grady, Cathal Ó Gríofa, Thomas O’Hagan, Diarmuid Ó hAlmhain, Micheál Ó hAnnracháin, Peadar Ó hAnnracháin, Micheál Ó hAodha, Séamus Ó hAodha, Tomás Ó hÉighneacháin, Micheál Ó hOdhráin, Tarlach Ó hUid, Donal O'Kelly, Seumas O’Kelly, Frank O'Keeffe, Milan Oklobdzic, Alphonsus Ó Labhradha (‘Folt Fada’), Tomás Ó Laoi, Darach Ó Lathasaigh, Margaret O’Leary Bryan Oliver, Gearóid Ó Lochlainn, Seán Ó Loideáin, Donncha Ó Luasaigh, Séamus Ó Mainnín, Seán S. Ó Mainnín, Gerry O'Malley, Seán Ó Meara, Liam Ó Meochair, Diarmaid Ó Muirithe, Seán Ó Mulláin, Liam Ó Murchú, Tomás Ó Murchú, A. O'Neill, Anthony O'Neill, Eugene O’Neill, Maurice O'Neill, Séamus Ó Néill, Brian O'Nolan ('Flann O’Brien'/'Myles na gCopaleen'), Caoimhín Ó Nualláin, Ciarán Ó Nualláin, Julian Orde, Antoine Ó Raifteirí, Liam Ó Réagáin, Brendan O'Reilly, Joe O'Reilly, John Boyle O’Reilly, J.G. O’Reilly, Mark O’Reilly, Patricia O'Reilly, Conal O’Riordan (‘Norreys Connell’), Dominick O'Riordan (Dominic Ó Ríordáin), Cionnaith Ó Roideáin, Kieran O'Rourke, Conchubhair Ó Ruairc, Emma Orczy (ad), Sheila Ormonde, Micheál Ó Rodaighe, Pádraig Ó Sálaigh, Cathal Ó Sandair (ad), John Osborne, Muircheartach Ó Seaghdha, Séamus Ó Seaghdha, Pádraig Ó Siochfhradha ('An Seabhac'), Pádraig M. Ó Siochradha, Pádraig Óg Ó Siochradha, Pádraig Ó Siochrú, Gearóid Ó Sléibhín (Gerard Slevin), Eoin Ó Súilleabháin, Micheál Ó Súilleabháin, Muiris Ó Súilleabháin, Tomás Ó Súilleabháin, Kevin O'Sullivan, Gearoid Ó Tighearnaigh agus Máirtín Ó Díomasaigh, John O’Toole, Lorcán Ó Treasaigh, Eoghan Ó Tuairisc, Eoghan Ó Tuairisc agus Tomás Mac Anna, Deasún Ó Tuama, Seán Ó Tuama, Liam Ó Tuathaláin (‘An Rídire Fánach’), P.D. Ouspensky (ad), 

Alex Page, Edward Pakenham (6th Earl Longford), Mary Pakington, Barbara Parkinson, Geoffrey Parkinson, Charles Parr, Louis N.Parker, Stewart Parker, Derek Parkes, Eric Parrot, Ronald Patrick, Basil Payne, M.B. Pearse, Padraig Henry Pearse (Pádraig Mac Piarais), Juhani Peltonen, Margaret T. Pender (ad), John Penrose, Ernest Pérochon (ad), Gwendolen Perott, Francesco Perri (ad), Desmond Perry, Gerald Perry Linette Perry, James Pettifer, Pascal Pettit, Mauro Pezzati, Gwendolyn Pharis (ad), Michael Phelan, Shay Phelan, David Phillips, Jennifer Phillips, Timothy Pierce, Arthur W. Pinero, Harold Pinter, Seán Piondar, Luigi Pirandello (ad), Alan Plater, Edward J.M.D. Plunkett, Baron of Dunsany ('Lord Dunsany'), James Plunkett, Daphne Pochin-Mould, Edgar Alan Poe (ad), Cathal Póirtéir, Perry Pontac, John Pooley, William Sidney Porter ('O. Henry'), William Poulson, Lester Powell, Derry Power, Jane Power, John Power, Richard Power (Risteard de Paor), J.B. Priestley, Ian Priestley-Mitchell, Rainer Puchert (ad), T.A.W. Purefoy, Alexander Pushkin (ad), 

Luigi Quattrucci, Godfrey Quigley, Sian Quill, Sir Arthur Quiller-Couch, Bob Quinn, Gerald Quinn, Hugh Quinn, John Quinn, Patrick Quinn, Raymond Quinneau, Anton Quintana, Serafín 7 Joachín Álvarez Quintero, 

Derek Raby, Gerald Rafferty, Wim Ramaker, Maria Louise Ramé ('Ouida'), Terence Rattigan, Simon Rattray, R.J. Ray, Roman Ráz, Stuart Ready, Daniel Reardon, James Reddy, Thomas Reed, Hans Leo Reich, Adrian Reid, Forrest Reid (ad), Graham Reid, Mayne Reid (ad), W.R. Reid, Joan Philomena Reidy, John Reidy, John Reidy and Thomas Kinsella, P.V. Renehan, J.F. Reynolds, Richard Rice, Frank Richards, William Ricke, Antonia Ridge, Antonia Ridge and Edith Saunders, Robert Rietty, Brian Riordan, J.Barry Roach, Maurice Roberts, Morley Roberts (ad), Lennox Robinson (ad), Emmanuel Robles (ad), Michael Robson, Ian Rodger, Howard Rodman, Éamon Rohan, Robert Romanis, William Rooke, Anthony Rooney, John P. Rooney, Philip Rooney, Friedrich Rosenfeld (‘Friedrich Feld’), Gabriel Rosenstock, D. Campbell Ross, John Ross, Edmond Rostand (ad), Maurice Rostand (ad), Günter Rücker, Joy Rudd, Gerhard Rühm, Frank Ruhrmund, Christopher Russell, Mairéad Russell, Anna Rutgers von der Loeff (ad), Desmond Ryan, Donal Ryan, Martin Ryan, George Ryga, 

Astrid Saalbach, J. Sadlier, José Maria Sagarra (ad), Helmut Sakowski, Cecil ffrench Salkeld, William Saroyan (ad), John Sarsfield, James Saunders, Dorothy Sayers, Noel Scanlon, Harper Scarf, David Scott, Walter Scott (ad), Phyllis Scriven, Kevin Scully, Gilles Segal, Odd Selmer, Carlos Semprun-Maura, Mick Sennett (ad), Denis Sexton, Pauline Seymour, Peter Shaffer, William Shakespeare (ad), Ann Shanahan, Deirdre Shanahan, Alan Sharp, George Bernard Shaw, Simon Shaw, Patrick Shea ('P.S. Laughlin'), Kieran Sheedy, Patrick Augustine Sheehan (‘Canon Sheehan’), Paul Sheehan, Frank Sheerin and Fergus Linehan, John D. Sheridan (ad), Niall Sheridan (ad), Richard Brinsley Sheridan (ad), Robert Cedric Sherriff, George Shiels, Bernard Shiliman, John Shimmin, J.P. Shimmin ('John Tarrant'), Rae Shirley, Henryk Sienkiewicz (ad), Gregorio Martínez Sierra, Lance Sieveking, Georges Simenon (ad), Osbert Sitwell (ad), Vilgot Sjöman, Barbara Sleigh, David Sloan, Michael Sloane, Dodie Smith, Leslie Smith, Paul Smith, Sydney Bernard Smith, Terence Smith, Vincent Smith, J.B. Smyth, Norman Smythe, Matthew Solon, Joan Somers, Edith Somerville and Violet Martin (‘Martin Ross’), Peter Somerville-Large, Sophocles (ad), Dejan Šorak, Muriel Spark (ad), Joseph Spearin, Johanna Spyri (ad), Luigi Squarzina, Gunnar Staalesen, Helen Staunton, Ben Steed, Gerard Stembridge, James Stephens (ad), Vincent Stephens, John Stephenson, Robert Louis Stevenson (ad), Sylvia Stevenson, Bruce Stewart, Douglas Stewart, Frank Stewart, John D. Stewart, Leone Stewart, Malcolm Stewart, Margaret Stewart ('Margaret McCready'), Simon Stirling, Richard Stockton, Bram Stoker (ad), Julia Stoneham, Tom Stoppard, David Storey, Robert Storey, August Strindberg, Austin Strong and Lloyd Osbourne, Brian Stuart, Francis Stuart, Jean Stubbs (ad), A.N. Sullivan, Dawn Sullivan, Patrick Sullivan, Prudence Summerhayes, P.D. Swan, Graham Swannell, Conor Sweeney, Carolyn Swift, Julian Symons, Peter Symons, John Millington Synge (ad), 

Henri Tanner, Alec Taylor, Elizabeth Taylor (ad), Joe Taylor, Colin Teevan, W.M. Thackeray (ad), Alison Thirkell, Brandon Thomas (ad), Dylan Thomas, Ian Thorne, James Thurber (ad), Rosemary Timberley, Michael Toft, Colm Toibín, Niall Tóibín ('Frainc Ó Sé'), Nioclás Tóibín, Seán Tóibín, Ernst Toller, Ernst Toller and Denis Johnson, Leo Tolstoy (ad), Josef Toman (ad), Joseph Tomelty, Desmond Toomey (‘Christopher Barry’/'Farrell Hughes'), Leo Torrance, Harry Towb, Raymond Tranfield, Rose Tremain, Dan Treston, Elleston Trevor ('Adam Hall'), William Trevor, Anthony Trollope (ad), Elizabeth Troop, Rex Tucker, Paddy Tunney, Nesta Tuomey, Ivan Turgenev (ad), Gordon Turner (‘Gordon Sinclair’), Danny Twomey, Robert Stuart Tyler, Walter Tyrer, Andrew Tyrrell, 

Peadar Ua Laoghaire (ad), Pádraig Ua Maoileoin, Diarmuid Ua Murchadha, Peter Ustinov, Akihiko Uzuno, 

Nalle Valtiala, Henry van Dyke, Anthony Scott Veitch, Jules Verne (ad), Winifred Verschoyle ('Winifred Letts'), Michel Viala, Gerard Victory, Elio Vittorini (ad), Conrad Volk, Katharina von Dombronski (ad), Fred von Hoerschelmann, Heinrich von Kleist, Michael Voysey, 

Per Wahlöö, Stephen Wacker, John Wain (ad), Paul Walker, Maureen Wall, Mervyn Wall, Edgar Wallace (ad), Lew Wallace (ad), Hugh Walpole (ad), Maurice Walsh (ad), Seán Walsh, Nick J. Warburton, A.J. Ware, F. Brooke Warren (ad), Evelyn Waugh (ad), Diana Webster, Walter Weideli, Theodor Weissenborn, Arnold Wesker, Lode Weyk, David Wheeler, Jack White, Jon Manchip White, Peter White, Seamus White, Sean J. White, Terence de Vere White, Terence de Vere White and Adrian Vale, Hugh Whitemore, Ken Whitmore, Leonard Wibberley, Ernst Wichert, Ursula Wieser, Oscar Wilde (ad), Michael Wilder, Andrew Wilkinson, Roderick Wilkinson, F.W. Willetts, Emlyn Williams, Fred Williams, James Williams, Max Williams, Tennessee Williams, John Williamson ('John Maharg'), G.A. Wilson, John Rowan Wilson, R.D. Wingfield, Ellen Wood (‘Mrs. Henry Wood’) (ad), Elizabeth Woodfield, Aubrey Woods, Máiríde Woods, Sarah Chauncey Woolsey (‘Susan Coolidge’), Martin Worth, Tom Wright, John P. Wynn, Grace Wynne-Jones, James Wyse, Robert Wyse Jackson, 

W.B. Yeats, Augustus Young, 

Zoë Zajdlerowa, Carl Zuckmayer, Stefan Zweig (ad).

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