Laura Gargan

Postgraduate Student
I have recently joined the Area 52 lab group as a PhD student, where I will be working on the properties of environmental DNA (eDNA) with Dr Jens Carlsson. The broad objective of this research is to develop a standardised approach so that eDNA can be widely used as a non-invasive biological monitoring tool for aquatic environments. I am particularly interested in invasive species, as well as the aquatic environment and molecular ecology, so I am eager develop the eDNA approach for its potential to provide contemporary and robust data to inform environmental management.

I initially undertook an Associate Bachelor's Degree in Environmental Studies at the University of Ulster. I went on to gain a BSc in Marine Science, where my main focus was marine biology. My final year dissertation examined the settlement of benthic marine organisms on an artificial substrate. Subsequently, I completed an MSc in Evolutionary Biology in UCD in 2012. For my postgraduate thesis, I investigated the potential origins of the invasive greater white-toothed shrew (Crocidura russula) in Ireland using mitochondrial DNA in phylogeographical study.