Thresholds of Knowledge Subthemes

1. Chronological / spatial

  • Thresholds of modernity and medieval/early modernity
  • Challenging traditional periodization
  • History of ideas (e.g. equality, gender, race)
  • Repositories of knowledge and technē (e.g. early modern print shop)
  • Accessing the archive (museums, libraries, galleries)
  • Discursive and linguistic change, continuities, transformations
  • Reception studies, transmission (e.g. oral, textual) and circulation
  • Digital humanities


2. Textual/ Visual

  • Book history
  • What counts as text: fragments to tweets
  • Life-writing and autofiction
  • Genre fluidity and resistance
  • Paratexts
  • Thresholds of media (manuscript / print / digital); intermedia studies
  • Text and image


3. Epistemological / Aesthetic

  • Culture and science (e.g. body/mind; postmodern/posthuman; organism/mechanism)
  • Ethics and aesthetics; literature and philosophy
  • Creativity and critical practice
  • World literature
  • Narrative and ‘gaps’ in language
  • Liminality and culture; place and placelessness
  • Literary anthropology; nature and subject; ecohistory/ecocriticism
  • Poetry and ontology; language and experience
  • Sound and resonance