Thresholds of Knowledge Upcoming Publications / Projects 

Posted 31 March 2021 

Michael Brophy
Collaborator in the research project “POÈT(E)S” with 5 French partner universities.
The project explores the place and the role of contemporary French and francophone women poets,
whose production is too often relegated to the margins in the French literary establishment and beyond.

Derval Conroy
Translation of Gabrielle Suchon’s Le Célibat volontaire (1700). Examination of Suchon as a woman
philosopher at the threshold of the Enlightenment.

Nicholas Daly
(Collaborator) AHRC project: Boucicault 2020: Circuits of Skill and Entrepreneurialism in Theatre Practice Now.
This network aims to illuminate the relationship between entrepreneurialism and performance skill
in the theatre, through an examination of the legacies of mid-19th century theatre practice.

Ursula Fanning
Forthcoming co-edited volume on Matilde Serao: International Profile, Reception and Networks to be published by Classiques Garnier.
Examines Serao across borders.

In progress: ‘Domestic Space in the Italian Gothic' for the Edinburgh Companion to the Italian Gothic
(Edinburgh University Press)

Katherine Fama
In progress: The Literary Architecture of Singleness: Modern American Fiction and the
Production of Women’s Independent Space, 1880-1929 In progress, ed. vol: Single Lives: Modern Women
in Literature, Culture, and Film (Rutgers UP, co-edited with Jorie Lagerwey)

Porscha Fermanis
ERC Project - SouthHem: considers how literary modernity emerged and developed
in the southern hemisphere

Jorie Lagerwey
Little Fires Everywhere. A new project with Taylor Nygaard examining the relationships
among celebrity, TV production companies, book publishing, optioning, adaptation,
and curation (as in celebrity book clubs) in a moment of cultural crisis and industrial volatility.

Emer O’Beirne
‘Grappling with Capital in European Art and Literature’: This project explores cross-media
transmissions in imaginative articulations of art’s relation to early and late capitalism.
It focuses on echoes between Golden Age still-life painting, especially trompe-l’oeil,
and contemporary French prose fiction.

Síofra Pierse
Voltaire: A Reference Guide to his Life and Works (Rowman & Littlefield)
Book project to provide an English-language A-Z, with the aspiration to resituate Voltaire
within 21st-century perspectives.

Turmoil: Instability and Insecurity in Eighteenth-Century Francophone Texts (Voltaire Foundation, Oxford)
Book project co-edited with UCD PhD student Emma M. Dunne. This collection first attempts to
define turmoil in these contemporary times of turmoil, but primarily focuses
on its 18th-century francophone manifestations.