Extenuating circumstances are serious unforeseen circumstances beyond your control which may prevent you from meeting the requirements of your programme at a particular point in time.


If your extenuating circumstances relate to missed in-trimester assessments or attendance, (mid-terms, tutorials etc.), local arrangements may be possible and you should contact the module coordinator as soon as possible and within ten days of the due date of any assessment.

If you know in advance that you are not going to meet a submission deadline, the Late Submission of Coursework Policy applies.  The application should be made prior to the due date, and granting an extension is at the discretion of the Module Coordinator.

If a local solution is not possible, contact the Arts and Humanities Desk to submit a formal Extenuating Circumstances application.


If your extenuating circumstances relate to end-of-trimester assessments/exams your application should be submitted as soon as possible and before the final deadline.

Trimester 1 (AUTUMN) 2020/2021 application deadline: Midday on 08 JAN 2021

Applications should be submitted online via SISWeb before this deadline and as close as possible to the time the circumstances occurred.


You can withdraw from a module before 11 December 2020 with no academic implications.

An automatic withdrawn grade (WN) will go onto your record should you withdraw from the module after Week 8. Potential progression issues may arise should you withdraw from modules late within the trimester so seek appropriate advise.

If you register to take the module again this will be treated as a first attempt.

A module fee will be incurred where you withdraw from a module after 13 November 2020 (Week 8). No additional fee will apply if you retake the same module again as long as the module is offered.

Registration Support

To request changes to your registration, please compelete our Manual Registration form, or if you need information or support, contact the Art & Humanities Connector.


For information on Assessement and Exams please see the EXAMS FAQS

For full information see Extenuating Circumstances Policy and Guidance Notes.

Please remember – your Arts & Humanities Desk staff are here to listen and offer advice. If you are experiencing personal difficulties, you may prefer to talk in private to one of your Student Advisers.