BDIC visit to University Lodge

January 22, 2014

30 BDIC students, who were recently on a trip to Ireland paid a visit to the University Lodge, the official residence of the UCD President, Professor Andrew J. Deeks. The BDIC students were the first such group to visit the lodge since Professor Deeks took up his position as UCD President at the beginning of the year. BDIC Provost Professor David FitzPatrick and UCD academics, including Dr. Francis Wilson, also attended.

President Deeks welcomed the students, saying that he hoped the students would have a worthwhile experience and gain a better understanding of Irish culture, while at the same improving their study skills and furthering their education. Professor Deeks also congratulated the students on winning a scholarship and presented them with their scholarship certificates.

Following the presentation ceremony, President Deeks chatted informally with students and answered their questions. Students were particularly interested in the possibility of spending their fourth year of study at the UCD campus in Ireland. Professor Deeks expressed the hope that students would work hard, gain a solid basic foundation in their chosen field and achieve the standard required to complete their fourth year of study at the UCD campus. Professor Deeks also said that UCD would welcome the students in the future. President Deeks had meaningful conversations with the visiting students and looks forward to their return. 

UCD academic staff involved in programme delivery also chatted with students, providing suggestions on how to develop and learn in a patient and detailed manner. Finally, President Deeks encouraged students to make the most of the UCD resources which are available to them, study hard, take advantage of the opportunity presented by the cooperation between BJUT and UCD, learn more and promote their own growth and development. Afterwards, everyone was inspired and resolved to reflect on what they had learned, put it to good use on their return home and strive to further their achievements.