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December lucky month for BDIC Alumni

Tuesday, 31 January, 2023

Three BDIC alumni Xingyu Pan, Mengya Zheng and Yuhan Du graduated with a PhD last December.

Xingyu Pan was successful with his thesis titled "Through the Looking Glass: Working Towards the Ultimate 3D Display by Adapting the Light Field Displays using Context-Awareness". During his time with UCD Xingyu published several academic papers and presented them at a few international conferences. https://xingyu-pan.com/

Mengya Zheng graduated with a PhD also in December last year with a thesis titled "Context-Aware Mixed Reality Data Visualization for Decision Support and Explanations". Recently Mengya started working as a senior software engineer at Huawei Technologies in China.  https://mengya-zheng.com/

Yuhan Du is a former student of BDIC Internet of Things, class of 2014. She started her PhD in September 2018 in UCD School of Computer Science and successfully defended her thesis "Explainable Clinical Decision Support for the Prediction of Complications in Pregnancy" in December 2022. Yuhan PhD research focuses on supporting healthcare delivery for pregnant women using advanced machine learning and explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) methods, and understanding the role of XAI explanations in an e-health system in the decision-making process of healthcare professionals.