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Research Funding for BDIC Alumni Yue Yang

Thursday, 21 October, 2021

Irish Research Council granted €82,500 for project SAMHAIN: Suppressing Artefacts in MRI and Holography Using AI Networks

The funding is a scholarship to support the PhD studies of a BDIC alumnus, Yue Wang, under supervision of BDIC lecturer Dr John Healy. Yue Wang is developing tools to combat some of the flaws that are inevitably produced when you record an MRI or a digital hologram. The mathematical models are similar enough that there is overlap which is allowing some useful cross-fertalisation of ideas from the two fields. Machine learning approaches are beginning to be applied in these areas too. Yue graduated from BDIC in 2018, and then went to Melbourne for a masters degree. John is delighted to be working with Yue again.