Student Mobility

1. Study in Dublin (For BDIC Students)

This guide will explain the explain selection criteria and application procedures for BDIC students who wish to complete the final year of their degree at the UCD campus in Dublin. These criteria have been decided by BDIC in partnership with relevant UCD Schools: Computer Science, Electrical and Electronic Engineering and Economics. Selection criteria may vary between schools.

In addition to the guide below, you can get lots of useful information on preparing to go to Ireland and living there from UCD International.

Visit the UCD Fees website for information on the cost of your programme. Use the programme codes listed below in the application section to find your programme.

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Applications will be ranked based on GPA, which is calculated based on all results from stage 2 (50%) and results for trimester 1 of stage 3 (50%). You must be complete for all of stage 2 and for semester one of stage 3 and have a GPA of 3.08 or higher to be eligible for an offer. All offers are conditional on being stage 3 complete prior to the commencement date on your offer.

All applications should be made through the UCD online applications system, which is currently open for BDIC stage 3 students. The application deadline is 17:00 on Friday, June 11, 2021

Please go here and select the course finder. Enter the major code according to your programme of study, as listed below:

  • Financial Economics (ECS2)
  • Internet of Things Engineering (NUS3)
  • Electronic & Information Engineering (NUS7)
  • Software Engineering (CSSB)

As students of UCD, you do not need to set up a new account. Select the option to use an existing account and use your UCD student number as the username. Your password will be the same as you currently use to access UCD systems. Once you have logged in, your personal details and course choice should be automatically populated. Once you have checked all details, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the green submit button. Your application should now be uploaded to the UCD system and you should receive an email in your UCD account to confirm this.

A decision on your application will be made after the deadline listed above. This is because part of the assessment will be based on the results of examinations taken in semester one.  

The following number of places are available in the 2021/22 academic year:

Programme Receiving UCD School  
Internet of Things Electrical and Electronic Engineering 10
Electronic & Information Engineering Electrical and Electronic Engineering 10
Software Engineering Computer Science 15
Financial Economics Economics 15

BDIC will only offer spaces to students who meet the minimum criteria.  This may result in some available places remaining unfilled.


If you have not received an offer by the end of the application process or if you decide not to take up an offer you will study in Beijing for Stage 4. You will continue to be taught through English by UCD Lecturers and you will still receive both a UCD and BJUT degree upon graduation. These degrees carry the same advantages and benefits as those of students who study in Dublin. These degrees will be of great benefit to you if you wish to follow postgraduate and career opportunities overseas. If you are concerned about your future opportunities please communicate with your Student Advisor or the BDIC Student Affairs Office.

It's ok to change your mind about coming to Dublin especially given the current pandemic situation. We ask that you make your decision as soon as possible so as not to prevent other students who may wish to travel from taking up a place. Please do not hesitate to let us know of any concerns you may have.

You will require a visa in order to be able to travel to Ireland. Detailed information on the requirements and application process can be found on the Irish Embassy website in English and Chinese
After you arrive in ireland, you will need to complete immigration registration. There is a guide to the process on the UCD Global site. Please also contact us if you have any questions or concerns.


2. Study in BDIC (For UCD Students)

UCD has an exchange agreement with BJUT which provides opportunities for students studying in Dublin to do a portion of their studies on the BJUT campus in Beijing at BDIC. For further information, please contact the China Joint Colleges office. Email:

3. International Study Abroad Workshop

Join our International Summer Programme at Ireland’s premier university in Dublin, Ireland’s historic and vibrant capital city. This programme is online and runs from July 26-August 6, 2021.
For further information, please see our brochure or contact