Finance Stage 3 in Dublin

This guide will explain the selection criteria and application procedures for BDIC students who wish to complete the third year of their degree at the UCD campus in Dublin. These criteria have been decided by BDIC in partnership with the UCD Quinn School of Business. There are a number of places available (exact number to be confirmed later this year) for the 2018/19 academic year, which begins on September 10. Please note that if you choose to complete stage 3 in Dublin you will be required to complete stage 4 in Beijing. If you would prefer to stay in Beijing for stage 3 and come to Dublin for stage 4, you can apply again later in the 2018/19 academic year.

In addition to the guide below, you can get lots of useful information on preparing to go to Ireland and living there from UCD International.

Visit the UCD Fees website for information on the cost of your programme

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Students will be ranked based on their GPA and their English language performance. Students who meet the English language requirement outlined below will be ranked ahead of students who do not meet this requirement, even if their GPA is lower. In the event of two students meeting the English language requirement, the one with the higher GPA will be ranked higher. 

The minimum GPA requirement to study stage 3 in Dublin is 3.5. This GPA is calculated on UCD credit-bearing stage 1 and stage 2 semester 1 results.

Students are required to meet the UCD English language requirements for undergraduate study at UCD. Students who fulfil this requirement and have reached the GPA requirement (listed above) will be given preference over those who have not met the language requirement. In order to be considered for your application to study in Dublin, the deadline for submission of IELTS results is March 16, 2018

If available places to study in Dublin remain unfilled, students who do not meet the English language requirements will be considered. BDIC will rank these students on the basis of their GPA and English language ability as measured in the IELTS examination or other recognised English language tests and may consider a combination of results where students have sat more than one examination. Where students do not fully meet the English language requirements outlined above, they may be required to successfully participate in an 8-week  Pre-Sessional English language programme at the UCD Applied Language Centre prior to the commencement of their stage 3 studies in Dublin.

All applications should be made through the UCD online applications system. The application deadline is 17:00 on Friday, March 16, 2018.

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BDIC BComm Finance Stage 3 

The structure outlined here is based options available in the 2017/18 academic year and may be subject to change.

Dublin Structure                                                                                           Beijing Structure 

Sem Module  Title    Sem Module    Title
1 BMGT20050  International Management*   BMGT2003J  Global Business 
1 ACC20010 Financial Accounting 2    ACC2003J  Financial Accounting 2
FIN2010  Principles of Finance   FIN2001J  Principles of Finance 
ECON20010  Intermediate microeconomics (TBC)   ECON2002J  Intermediate Macroeconomics 
STAT30240  Linear models 1*     ECON3001J  International Money & Banking 
ECON30130  Econometrics    ECON2001J  Intermediate microeconomics 
ACC20020  Management Accounting***    ACC2003J  Financial Accounting 3 
BMGT20150  Global Ops & Supply Chain Management    BMGT2002J  Global Ops & Supply Chain Management 
ECON20120  European Economy****   ECON3002J  Applied Econometrics 
ECON20020  Intermediate Macroeconomics    ECON3003J  Advanced Microeconomics 
FIN30190  Behavioural Finance    FIN3003J  Behavioural Finance 
ECON30150  International Money & Banking    MATH2002J  Optimization in Finance