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UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science

Scoil na BitheolaĆ­ochta agus na hEolaĆ­ochta Comhshaoil UCD

Plant Sciences

Gunnera: Image by Bruce Osbourne

Gunnera: Image by Bruce Osbourne

Changes in global climate and in agricultural policies emphasise the need to develop sustainable environmentally-friendly crop-production systems, and is placing a renewed focus on the response of plants to environmental factors. This requires a greater understanding of plant responses to reduced resource availability and the utilisation of this information for the future development of agronomically-important plants with an increased tolerance to multiple environmental stresses. The knowledge gained is important for the development of novel crops and crop products and provides impetus for both fundamental and applied research in the plant sciences. The School of Biology and Environmental Science contains the largest and most diverse grouping of plant scientists in Ireland and is one of the largest groups internationally.

Researchers within this theme seek to address the following key objectives by focussing on a series of specific questions.

1. Predict and mitigate the impact of climate/environmental change on agriculture, forestry and the natural environment.

2. Develop sustainable agri-food production and management systems that promote human health and ensure security in food and plant-derived materials.

3. Provide the knowledge base to underpin the development of biofuel and other bioindustrial applications.

For further information please contact Prof. Bruce Osborne