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UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science

Scoil na BitheolaĆ­ochta agus na hEolaĆ­ochta Comhshaoil UCD

School Committees


1. School Executive Committee

Prof. Jeremy Simpson (HoS) (Chair)

Dr. Evelyn Doyle (Deputy HoS)

Dr. Kay Nolan (Head PG Studies)

Dr. Gavin Stewart (Head T&L)

Dr. Tamara Hochstrasser (Head Safety)

Prof. Emma Teeling (Head R&I)


2. School Advisory Board

Dr. Jon Yearsley (Academic Rep)

Dr. Carl Ng (Academic Rep)

Dr. Jennifer McElwain (Adademic Rep)

Ms. Sylvia Dolan (Technical Staff Rep)

Dr. Tasman Crowe (Chair)

Dr. Wuu Kuang Soh (Post Doc Rep

Ms. Tara Dirilgen (Postgrad Rep)

Ms. Catriona Power (Administrative Officer)


3. Teaching and Learning Committee

Dr. Gavin Stewart (Head T&L) (Chair)

Prof. Tom Bolger (Head of Zoology)

Dr. Paul McCabe (Head of Plant Biology)

Dr. Tom Wilkinson (Head of Environmental Biology)

Prof. Jeremy Simpson (Head of Cell & Molecular Biology)

Dr. John Finarelli (New Staff)

Mr. Eugene Sherry (Technical Staff)

Ms. Helen McCarthy (Administrative Officer)


4. Research and Innovation Committee

Prof. Emma Teeling (Head R&I) (Chair)

Prof. Jenny McElwain (Head Ecosystems, Global Change & Sustainability Research Theme)

Dr. Carl Ng (Head Cellular Systems Research Theme)

Prof. Bruce Osborne (Head Plant Sciences Research Theme)

Mr. Damian Egan (Chief Technical Officer)

Mr. Alexandre Perochon (Post-doctoral Rep)

Ms. Rachael Reenan (Administrator)


5. Postgraduate Studies Committee

Dr. Kay Nolan (Head PG Studies) (Chair)

Dr. Carl Ng

Dr. Jon Yearsley

Dr. Gavin Stewart

Ms. Jennifer Coughlan (Technical Officer)

Ms. Caroline Elliott-Kingston (Post-doctoral Rep)

Ms. Rachael Reenan (Administrator)


6. School Safety Committee

Dr. Tamara Hochstrasser (Chair)

Dr. Jens Carlson

Mr. Alexandre Perochon

Mr. Niall Brogan (postgrad rep)

Ms. Gwyneth MacMaster (Technical Officer)

Ms. Frances Downey (Technical Officer)

Ms. Bredagh Moran (Technical Officer)

SBES Safety Statement


7. Rosemount Environmental Research Station Management Group

Prof. Jenny McElwain (Chair)

Prof. Jeremy Simpson (HoS)

Prof. Fiona Doohan 

Ms. Bredagh Moran (Technical Officer)

Dr. Alan Hunter (School of Agriculture & Food Science)

Dr. Mary Forest (School of Agriculture & Food Science)

Mr. Kevin Kenny (Technical Officer - School of Agriculture & Food Science)


8. Post-graduate Student Reps

Ms. Tara Dirilgen (

Ms. Laura Gargan (

Ms. Martina O'Brien (