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UCD School of Biology and Environmental Science

Scoil na BitheolaĆ­ochta agus na hEolaĆ­ochta Comhshaoil UCD

School of Biology and Environmental Science

UCD, Science Centre West

Seminar Series

Thursday's 1-2pm 

Room B109 

Bring your lunch and come listen.


"Feb" - April 2016


21st January. Dr Hugo de Boer (University of Utrecht): “Coordinated acclimation of photosynthetic biochemistry and stomatal conductance to CO2: lessons from optimality theory and fundamental constraints.”

18th February. Dr. Graham Huges (Post Doc, Teeling Lab, SBES, UCD): “The birth and death of olfaction: The role of olfactory receptor evolution in mammalian niche specialization.”

25th February. Prof. Emma Teeling  (SBES, UCD): “Comparative genomics of bats: the secret of extended longevity?”

3rd March. Stephan Mahony (Doctoral Student, Teeling Lab, SBES, UCD): “Asian Horned Frogs: Taxonomic and systematic resolution, dating phylogenies devoid of fossils, ancestral biogeography, and new species discovery in cryptic species complexes.”

10th March Dr. Alexandre demenezes s (University of Salford): “Microbes and a changing environment: Integrating molecular, biogeochemical and environmental sensor data from a soil monitoring site in Australia.”

7th April. Dr. Daire O hUallachain (Teagasc): "Conservation if farmlanf ecology"

14th April. Dr. Cristoph Muller (SBES, UCD): "TBC"

Please note: This is a special Tuesday edition of the Lecture Series to be held in B109, 1 to 2 PM.


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