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Scoil na BitheolaĆ­ochta agus na hEolaĆ­ochta Comhshaoil UCD

Undergraduate Programmes 

  • Would you like to know how plants function and why they are vitally important for life on earth? 
  • Would you like to study animals and how they interact with their environment?
  • Are you interested in the study of cells and the molecules that combine to form them?
  • Would you like a career helping to make improvements to our environment for the benefit of this and future generations


With our diverse and exciting range of subjects in, cell and molecular biology genetics, environmental biology and zoology, we have the right degree for you. After studying the foundations of science in first and second year, in third year you will have the opportunity to specialise in:

Order of Degrees: Cell and molecular biology zoology and environemntal biology.

Plant Biology degree proragmme in UCD embraces everything from molecular biology/biotechnology, through whole organism biology to ecology, evolution and environment. 

The pathway for the Plant Biology degree can be found here.

The Cell and Molecular Biology degree programme is unique in being able to draw on modules and content from organismal biology disciplines through to molecular disciplines. This provides students with a clear perspective of how disease and phenotype at the organism level can be attributed to molecular and genetic changes in individual cells. This degree programme also offers in depth practical insight into the vast range of molecular and cellular techniques that are now available to dissect cell function.

The unique strength of the Environmental Biology degree programme is that it ensures a solid grounding in the principles of environmental zoology, botany, microbiology, policy and management but also offers students flexibility to develop more specialised knowledge in areas of interest.

The Zoology degree programme at UCD is the largest in Ireland. It prides itself on being based firmly in an evolutionary framework and on the integration of all levels of biological organisation from genes to ecosystems. The programme reflects the School's research expertise which ranges from molecular to organismal to ecosystems. Our approaches to evolutionary and ecological problems span temporal scales ranging from the geological to real time and include freshwater, terrestrial and marine systems. This gives student a view of animal taxa from a phylogentic and an environmental perspective. 

In all of our degree programmes by fourth year you will conduct your own research and communicate your discoveries under the guidance of some of Ireland's finest scientists.

Sample degree pathways mapping Year 1 to Years 3/4 and graduate opportunities now available.

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Plant Biology

Cell & Molecular Biology

Environmental Biology

Plant Genetic Engineering