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Scoil na BitheolaĆ­ochta agus na hEolaĆ­ochta Comhshaoil UCD


The Zoology degree programme is the study of animals, from the level of individual molecules to how populations of animals interact with their environment. Zoology is often thought of in terms of treks into the wild to study rare and endangered species. Modern Zoology deals with all aspects of animals from genetics and cell biology to ecology and animal behaviour.

The Zoology programme at UCD prides itself on maintaining a diverse curriculum allowing students to choose from a wide range of disciplines, including terrestrial, marine and freshwater biology, evolutionary biology, paleontology, immunology, ecology, population genetics, developmental biology and zoonotic and other diseases.


Zoology equips students for careers in education, research, fisheries, agriculture and aquaculture, industry (especially with companies developing pharmaceutical or food products) and increasingly, in conser- vation and environmental management. They are employed in a range of government and semi-state departments and private companies. Many of our graduates also find employment in areas not directly related to their degree, but in which the training in scientific thinking and analysis they have acquired, is of benefit to their chosen career.

The recent upsurge in employment and the increased funding in the Science and Technology sector as a whole, provide a bright future for graduates who wish to use the skills gained in their degree in Ireland. The increasing demands of environmental and conservation legislation, the expansion of the research infrastructure and increasing opportunities for research and development within the pharmaceutical and medical sectors, form the backdrop for teaching developments within the School.

Contact Details:

Professor Thomas Bolger
Telephone: (00 353 1) 716 2330
Room: 103A, Science Centre (West)