Postgraduate Programmes

Two taught postgraduate programmes in bioengineering are offered in UCD, leading to Masters degrees in the field of Biomedical Engineering.

ME Biomedical Engineering

The ME Biomedical Engineering at UCD provides students with a broad background in biomedical engineering, taking the fundamentals of electrical, electronic and mechanical engineering developed at undergraduate level and complementing these with modern biomedical engineering techniques. As part of the ME you will study biomedical engineering subjects such as rehabilitation engineering, neural engineering, biomechanics and medical device design. You will also have the opportunity to choose from a range of modules in physiology and anatomy alongside advanced engineering topics including advanced signal processing, nanomaterials and dynamics.

There will be an emphasis on independent learning and research, with the opportunity to participate in a work placement either in the medical technologies industry, a clinical environment or with a research group in UCD. You will work with staff and researchers at UCD who have extensive experience in ground-breaking biomedical engineering research.

You will also develop a knowledge of how the medical device industry is regulated and how new products are introduced to the market, drawing from experience within UCD which includes pioneering companies such as BiancaMed. Upon graduation from the Biomedical Engineering Masters degree at UCD you will have the knowledge and experience to position you to follow a career in the medical devices and technologies industry or to pursue PhD research in biomedical engineering.

The ME programme in Biomedical Engineering is designed for students who have completed the BSc undergraduate programme or who hold a good Bachelors Degree (typically II.I minimum) in Engineering. Full details of this programme are available on the UCD Graduate Studies website and here.

MSc Bioengineering

The primary aim of this course is to give engineers the knowledge to apply science and technology to the solution of healthcare problems, particularly through the design, development and manufacture of medical devices. Regulatory issues in medical device technology are also addressed. 

The MSc in Bioengineering is being suspended for the time being and is currently not accepting applications.

Other Master Programmes:

MSc in Biotechnology and Business (UCD)

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MSc Connected Health (UCD)

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MSc in Medical Device Design (NCAD)

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PhD Opportunities

For information on potential PhD opportunities please refer to the Opportunities section of our website.