Biomedical Optics

Principal Investigators: Prof. John T. Sheridan

The application of modern optics technology to the field of biomedical research and healthcare has advanced rapidly in recent years, with new application areas continuing to emerge.  The Optical Engineering Lab at UCD is involved in research across a range of biomedical applications including the use of optics for advanced imaging of biological and physiological systems, examining the physiological effects of different types of light and light-therapy, and the design of optical systems for analyzing and interacting with the human body.  Research areas in which we are currently involved include recording and analysis of oculo-microtremor, monitoring of cells using digital  holography,  LED based lighting and light therapy (bio-optics).  

The adoption throughout across the world of LED light sources will truly bring about an energy revolution and may go a long way towards addressing projected energy crises.  While the advantages of such sources appear obvious, their widespread raises serious issues regarding their optical effects on humans and animals.  On example is that the installation of blue LED in Tokyo subway system which has been reported as producing a significant decrease (80%) in the number of suicides.  The research teamat University College Dublin (UCD) working in close collaboration with colleagues in Equilume ( have been applying LEDs to a range of topics related to the use of LEDS.  Work related to this has been published in reviewed international journals as diverse as Optik (LED Based Solar Simulators for testing Organisc Solar Cells) and The Journal of Veterinary Science (Light Therapy for Horses).