Cognitive Neural Systems Lab

Principal Investigators: Dr. Simon Kelly

Research in the Cognitive Neural Systems Lab is focused on measuring and characterizing perceptual and cognitive brain signals that relate to behavior. We are particularly interested in linking non-invasively recorded electrical brain signals (EEG) in humans to specific neural computations involved in perception, attention and decision making.  In our research we use psychophysics, electrophysiology, functional imaging and computational modeling to understand the mechanisms by which the brain makes simple decisions. Major questions we are pursuing include how value, prior information, urgency, perceptual ambiguity, temporal uncertainty and competition among information sources are accounted for in the decision making process through adaptive changes in sensory, decision and motor signals, and selective attention.

Our focus is on paradigm development and basic research findings, but we continually deploy our paradigms and dependent measures to studies of neurological and psychiatric disorders through several active clinical collaborations.