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Human Performance Sensing Suite

The Human Performance Sensing Suite at Insight is a new facility funded by an SFI Infrastructure Grant and comprised of multiple co-dependent components integrated for simultaneous measurement of metabolic, electrophysiological and movement data. Access is available to researchers from diverse disciplines for measurement of performance in the research laboratory and home. In the laboratory, the available equipment allows simultaneous measurement during exercise of oxygen consumption, metabolism, electromyographic (EMG) and electrocardiographic (ECG) signals, galvanic skin response (GSR), and multi- sensor accelerometry and muscle force.  A bank of wireless sensors is also available for home-monitoring of movement, respiration, ECG, EMG, and/or GSR. This facility provides a centralised experimental resource with end-to- end capability for monitoring human performance in the laboratory or home environment.  The focus of current projects include understanding the mechanisms of disease, identification of new physiological biomarkers, design of novel sensor systems, and monitoring of human performance in key areas with a focus on aging, neuromuscular and metabolic disorders, and rehabilitation.

For further information, researchers interested in using this resource should contact Prof Madeleine Lowery.