Environmental Technology


Visual Soil Evaluation of Irish Soils

Researcher: Jeremy Emmet Booth

Visual Soil Evaluation (VSE) techniques are simple procedures for assessing soil structure within the field.

Soil structure is a key component of soil quality and is increasingly at risk of damage from modern agricultural practices.

Funded by the Department of Agriculture and working with supervisors Nick Holden (UCD), Owen Fenton (Teagasc) and Dermot Forristal (Teagasc), I am developing VSE techniques appropriate for use in Ireland.

This will aid better on-farm soil management, helping to preserve Irish soil quality.

Fat, Oils and Grease (FOG) utilisation trends in Dublin.

Researcher: Tom Wallace.

Fat, oil & grease (FOG) is a waste by-product of food production that enters the sewer network as a result of poor practices when performing washing activities in both domestic and commercial kitchens. FOG is a major contributing factor to sewer overflow. FOG is an international problem costing millions of euros to municipal authorities each year. In the UK alone, it is estimated that FOG costs the local authorities up to 79 million euro a year. A 15 tonne “fatberg” – a lump of fat and grease – removed from the London sewers in 2013 highlights the nature and size of the FOG problem in urban sewer lines. The objective of this project is to evaluate the production and consumption cycle of FOG waste in the food service industry. This includes an assessment of the current trends in FOG waste prevention and segregation, and the design of processes and strategies for the utilisation of the high energy potential of FOG waste as a resource. This project is funded by the Irish Research Council and Noonan Services Group in partnership with Evolution Environmental Services as part of the Employment Based Postgraduate Research Programme. The support of Dublin City Council and Irish Water is also acknowledged.

Further details regarding these projects are available at: http://ssu.ie/research/fog/ and @FOGwaste