Life Cycle Assessment


System modelling and life cycle assessment of dairy production on heavy wet soils in Ireland.

Researcher: Pooja Sharma

Dairy farms are found on both well and poorly–drained soils in most parts of Ireland. The climate and soil conditions have important implications on management practices of dairy production systems.

The profitability of milk production systems on a site with lower rainfall and a well–drained soil type is greater than on sites with heavy rainfall and poorly–drained soil.

There is a challenge to increase milk production sustainably as well as to increase the milk productivity of farms on heavy wet soils. One solution is to improve the productivity through artificial drainage systems on poorly–drained soil. The objective of my research is to use dairy simulation model and life cycle assessment, to evaluate the productivity gains and environmental impacts of artificial drainage on heavy wet soils.

The research is funded by Department of Agricultural, Food and the Marine and technical support from Teagasc