Sustainable Agriculture & Soil Resources


Developing a Life Cycle Assessment Tool for Irish Dairy Farms.

Researcher: Wenhaou Chen

My project is developing life cycle sustainability assessment tool to evaluate the sustainability of Irish dairy farms.

This model will cover environmental performance, economic profitability and social performance of dairy farm from life cycle point of view. The sub-model of this tool include environmental life cycle assessment, life cycle costing and social life cycle assessment.

The stakeholders of dairy farms can use this tool to make management decisions to improve sustainability of their dairy farms within an "environmental-economic- social" framework.


Modelling Ammonia Emissions from livestock systems in Ireland

Researcher: Aneesh Kale

My project is part of the Low Ammo project which is funded by the Irish Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (Project no. 13/S/430).

The primary objective of my work is to review existing nitrogen flow models for Ireland, develop & validate an empirical model to simulate nitrogenous (ammonia)emissions from housing and storage.

The project also intends to develop & validate a whole farm nitrogen flow models and evaluate ammonia emissionabatement strategies for cost effectiveness & sustainability.

Figure: Example of nitrogen flows in a farm and ammonia emissions from the various components of a farm

Intelligent Systems Applied to Crop Assessment and Production 

Researcher: Felipe Guth

My work is funded by CNPQ Brazil, the primary goal of which is to propose a solution to acquire data from crop trials using a multi-sensorial approach.

This will require building a Decisions Support System to assess crop production in a geo-referenced basis, suggest management actions and predict yield. 

I will also research the development of a disease detection module using computer vision and artificial intelligence algorithms.