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Colin Marchus, Biological Engineering Major University of Idaho, Spring 2020

I made the decision to spend a year abroad pretty spontaneously and I really did not have a place in specific that I wanted to travel to. After looking at my options, Ireland seemed to match my desired climate and happened to have a school that specialized in engineering. Said school was University College Dublin. My decision to spend about two semesters at UCD was probably one of the best decisions that I have made. Academically while studying at UCD, I was introduced to several different teaching styles and I was able to meet a wide range of professors. I was also given the opportunity to conduct research under one of the professors for a semester, which was a great opportunity to see the different approaches to research at UCD compared to back at my home university. I found that studying at UCD, my overall perspective of the world change and it became a lot broader. This is mainly due to all of the different cultures that I was able to experience since UCD has a large population of international students and Dublin in general is the largest city in Ireland. Learning about Irish history, government, and common trends was interesting because I was able to compare it all to my experiences in the U.S. and it is fascinating to see how each country has different customs and beliefs.

UCD has numerous clubs that range from the study of certain cultures to sports. While at UCD I was able to join the Taekwondo club, where I was able to meet a bunch of awesome people while also getting into better shape. Some of the clubs at UCD take trips to different locations across the island for instance, in the Taekwondo club we went to a competition in Galway. The clubs are a great way to relax and explore the things that are going on across campus and throughout the island. Overall I highly recommend studying abroad if you get the chance and I cannot wait to come back to Ireland to see all of the things that I missed.

Elizabeth Tarangelo, Bioengineering Sophomore, Syracuse University, Fall 2017

I always thought Ireland was beautiful when I saw it in pictures, but nothing compares to setting foot on Irish soil and experiencing the real thing. Attending UCD has been grand, and even though it’s only been a few months I already feel like it’s my second home. I’ve loved digging into all of the rich history and soaking in the vibrant and accepting culture, and I’ve learned just as much during my free time as in class. Since arriving in Ireland, I’ve lost my voice cheering during the camogie finals at Croke Park, capsized dinghies in the Irish Sea, hung out in Leinster House with a senator, taken a train to the opposite side of the country on a school night for a bit of craic, nearly gotten stuck in a bog, and many more experiences I never thought I’d have but have made life infinitely more exciting. The minute I got to campus everyone from the Harry Potter Society to the Mountaineering Club made me feel so welcome, and there’s so many clubs and societies that it’s hard to be bored. Of course, class fits into the equation at some point also, but the education system is set up differently from what I was used too so it was cool to be able to study in a different way that was more focused on independent learning, giving me more time to travel around and explore on my own while still getting my work done. You can’t put a credit count or a GPA score on the education that you get by being citizen of the world, and getting to know the Irish people not as a tourist but by embracing the culture. For a country as small as Ireland it’s amazing how much diversity there is to soak in, and because UCD is so internationally established you get to interact with students from all over, so a global university like this really has no borders or boundaries. People aren’t lying when they say study abroad is the best experience; that doesn’t mean there aren’t times when it will be difficult, but you will look back and appreciate the moments you don’t love because that’s what helps you grow, and if you push yourself to try new things, you will have the time of your life.

Samantha Hardy, Biochemical Engineering Sophomore, University of Colorado Boulder, Fall 2017

UCD has been the best decision I have made in my college career. Since day one, I have felt welcome on the UCD campus and in Ireland. Never have I met so many students, staff, and friends who are dedicated to my success and who genuinely care about my progress. I have gained a global perspective on education and have learned a lot in the classroom, but even more outside of it. The relationships I have built here, my personal growth of character, and my increased confidence as a world traveller could not have happened without the great support system at UCD. Studying abroad was a hard transition, but the Irish mantra of "one hundred thousand welcomes" is legitimate; seeing a smiling face in the hallway, making a new friend at the pub, having a bus driver make an extra stop because you missed yours (oops!), are all ways that the friendly atmosphere has made Ireland feel like home. I have applied to work in Galway this summer and am hoping to return to Ireland on a working visa after graduation; if that doesn't say how amazing and this semester has been I don't know what will!

Rani Patel - Biomedical Engineering Major, George Washington University, Spring 2023

Rani Patel - Biomedical Engineering Major, George Washington University, Spring 2023

Studying abroad is something I never imagined would come to fruition because of my chosen major. UCD made it possible and even better than I could have imagined. The UCD Global Staff have thought of everything. From working with me prior to landing in Ireland to ensure a seamless transition, to hosting events throughout the semester with international students. Both the UCD staff and students have been especially welcoming, helping me both in and outside of class to get settled in and have access to the resources I need for a successful semester.

The modules I have taken not only transfer back to my home university, but also exposed me to areas I have not previously been able to study. I have been able to take classes in Cell Culture & Tissue Engineering, Downstream Processing, and Operations Management. With the help of my professor, I have been able to explore topics of personal interest in my research paper assignments, something unique to the class structure at UCD.

Outside of classes and off-campus I have been able to explore Dublin’s extensive history by visiting museums and monuments. Public transportation has made it super easy to get to places like Blackrock and Dun Laoghaire. I have also been able to visit other cities like Galway and Kilkenny on day trips. It would be irresponsible of me to not mention that celebrating St. Patrick’s Day in Dublin was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that I would recommend to everyone. On some of the longer holiday breaks, it was super easy to take a short flight to Rome, Naples, Nuremberg, Glasgow, and London. This experience has been absolutely life changing and I have created unforgettable memories. This is surely not goodbye to Ireland, and I can’t wait to be back!

Gabriella Barone, Biomedical Engineering, George Washington University, spring 2023

Gabriella Barone, Biomedical Engineering, George Washington University, spring 2023

I knew I wanted to study abroad when I started university, but I wasn’t sure where. After not only being in Ireland but at UCD for the semester I have never been more grateful for the opportunities and experiences I have had. From the first day I was here, the UCD staff and students were welcoming and made me feel like UCD was my home even though I just arrived. Since UCD has an engineering school it was easy to find courses that would transfer back to my home university. The modules I have taken have challenged me but also provided a new perspective on the vast areas in the BME field. I got to build an ECG in one of my labs and it was an amazing opportunity to apply the knowledge from multiple modules into a working device. 

I lived off-campus in downtown Dublin, and it was such a great experience to be right in the middle of everything. The public transport system made getting to and from campus easy as well as traveling outside of Dublin. I got to travel to some nearby cities, Kilkenny, and Galway, and got to explore more of Europe. Although the semester is coming to an end, I am excited to get to come back again someday! 

Kiara Yough Biomedical Engineering Major Duquesne University, Autumn 2019

At my home university I will be among only the fifth class to graduate from our biomedical engineering program. Since it is so new we were told that there was absolutely no way we’d be able to study abroad when we started out, however, the way that UCD has accommodated for us to take the classes we need has allowed for that to change.

I always felt so welcomed in the classes and have absolutely fell in love with Ireland and its people in the four months that I’ve had here. I hope to revisit in the future, as I think a piece of my heart will always lie in Ireland after this experience. I really can’t thank the professors and faculty enough for making us feel so welcomed and helping us so much throughout the process, and making Ireland feel like a second home.

Max Wallner Mechanical and Biomedical Engineering, University of New South Wales, Autumn 2019

My semester at UCD has been one of the most enjoyable and valuable experiences of my life. From the moment I arrived I felt welcomed and the numerous Orientation week activities helped me familiarise myself with the campus and meet many people in the same position as myself. The various clubs and societies were a particular highlight for me, as I joined the UCD surf club and took two trips to the stunning west coast, making new friends from all over the world.

Whilst I was here, I also enjoyed the opportunity to take modules that helped me better understand the complex history and culture of Ireland. Coming from a place like Australia, the opportunity to do plenty of affordable travel through Europe was particularly special and I was able to see heaps of countries I wouldn’t have been easily able to without coming on exchange. Whilst it’s somewhat sad that my time is almost over, I feel proud and grateful for all the experiences I’ve had here and my time at UCD has certainly helped me gain some independence. I look forward to coming back and visiting the friends I’ve made here in Ireland and across the world.

Stefanie Durcan, Biomedical Engineering Junior, Northeastern University, Spring 2018

I recently finished my semester abroad at UCD and I absolutely fell in love with Dublin and the people there. Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, and the city had so much to offer. UCD not only provided me with a great educational experience, but also introduced me to people I never would have met before, helping me build friendships that I will always treasure.

During my time at UCD, I was enrolled in their Biomedical Engineering program, where I took classes in Bioinstrumentation, Neural Engineering, and Rehabilitation Engineering. I felt both challenged and encouraged by my professors, and I learned more about the field of bioengineering. My professors were clearly very passionate about the topics covered in my modules and it made my educational experience much more impactful.

The history of Ireland is very interesting, and I learned so much while I was there. Traveling throughout the countryside, from the big cities to cute villages, I was exposed to so much beauty in my short stay. I had the opportunity to road trip throughout western Ireland, visit the Cliffs of Moher, hike through the Ballycroy National Park, and see so many amazing places all over Ireland and in Dublin. My overall experience was so memorable and one that I wouldn't trade for the world.

Erica Stehlik, Biosystems & Food Engineering major, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, spring 2024

Erica Stehlik, Biosystems & Food Engineering major, University of Illinois at Urbana- Champaign, spring 2024

Even before I arrived at UCD, I felt like I found my new home. The pre-arrival meetings and great communication from Advisors made the transition easy and comfortable. Upon arriving, I was beyond grateful UCD hosted an orientation week for the new study abroad students. Coming into a new school halfway through the year is a little tough, but orientation week introduced me to UCD, Irish culture, and new friends. From campus tours to Irish dancing lessons, I felt instantly more welcomed into the community.

Study abroad has allowed me to rediscover my love for exploration and travel. During the school week, I would learn about the history of Ireland, the Irish language, and Irish agriculture. Then, during the weekends, I could experience those concepts first hand. From the free museum in Dublin to visiting the Gaeltacht in County Donegal to passing through agriculture fields of the midlands, I was enveloped by lessons. While study abroad has opened my eyes to education abroad, it also gave me countless opportunities to immerse myself into Irish culture in the most random ways. From a 24-hour trip to Belfast to see the Belfast Giants, to following Kilkenny hurling through three rounds of the Leinster Championships to get a picture with T.J. Reid, to seeing Dublin beat Roscommon in football, to countless searches for traditional music across Ireland, I have experienced Ireland beyond a tourist perspective, which is so unique to study abroad. I visited Kilkenny, Wexford twice, and Howth through free (!!!) trips through UCD Cultural Programs and ResLife aimed at creating memorable adventures for the international students.

I studied abroad to live a fuller life and chose Ireland for the accessible excitement it offered. I surfed in Bundoran, saw the Northern Lights in Iceland, hiked in Connemara, Bray, and Howth, searched for Nessie in Scotland, performed a Japanese tea ceremony in Waterford, saw caves in Enniskillen, sea kayaked in Wexford, stood on the “moon” in The Burren, kissed the Blarney Stone, stood with the high kings on the Hill of Tara, and signed my name on a peace wall in Belfast while continuing my rigorous engineering education. In Ireland, you can do it all.

Madeline Johnson, Biological Engineering, University of Nebraska, Lincoln, spring 2017

"My study abroad experience at University College Dublin has been, without a doubt, the best semester of my college experience. From the moment I received the email on a Tuesday morning about being accepted into the program, I couldn't contain my  excitement for the experience which were about to follow as I journeyed across the Atlantic Ocean to spend four months of my life in Dublin. I can't emphasize enough how amazing my time has been in Ireland and all of the wonderful experiences I have had at UCD and beyond. Approximately 80% of students want to study abroad but only 1% has the opportunity to and I know that with my time spent in Ireland, I wanted to make the most out of it. The campus is beautiful with two lakes and plenty of grassy areas along with modern, large dorms (all apartment style) offering the opportunity to socialize with roommates but also have alone time to study and do homework in your single room. The campus offers many different options for food and I have been very satisfied with all of my dining experiences at UCD. The campus sits about 4 miles outside of the city centre surrounded by nice residential areas and is an easy 25-min bus ride into the city. In my engineering modules, I have had very positive experiences with not only my professors but also my peers. Most people are eager to learn and finding help from other students is easy. The professors I had in the Biosystems Engineering Department were all extremely knowledgeable in their subjects, both having many published works. I felt like my studies were engaging despite the academic system in Ireland being different from that of my home University. The topics I learned about gave me a great insight on the agriculture industry in Ireland which will help me with my internship this summer as I will be able to bring knowledge to the table that most likely no other intern will have. Given that I am one of the few people in my major at Penn State to have attended a study abroad program at UCD, it seemed like a daunting task at first but the advisors in the UCD Engineering Department are incredibly helpful and have been a priceless resource to aiding in my time at UCD. Partaking in an engineering study abroad isn't an easy task to take on but for those who are filled with excitement and motivation on a daily basis it was the perfect combination to help me thrive in a new environment. Push yourself, get involved, and you'll never regret it!"

Brian Roda, Biosystems Engineering Junior Year Student, Penn State University, spring 2016

"My study abroad experience at University College Dublin has been, without a doubt, the best semester of my college experience. From the moment I received the email on a Tuesday morning about being accepted into the program, I couldn't contain my  excitement for the experience which were about to follow as I journeyed across the Atlantic Ocean to spend four months of my life in Dublin. I can't emphasize enough how amazing my time has been in Ireland and all of the wonderful experiences I have had at UCD and beyond. Approximately 80% of students want to study abroad but only 1% has the opportunity to and I know that with my time spent in Ireland, I wanted to make the most out of it. The campus is beautiful with two lakes and plenty of grassy areas along with modern, large dorms (all apartment style) offering the opportunity to socialize with roommates but also have alone time to study and do homework in your single room. The campus offers many different options for food and I have been very satisfied with all of my dining experiences at UCD. The campus sits about 4 miles outside of the city centre surrounded by nice residential areas and is an easy 25 min bus ride into the city. In my engineering modules, I have had very positive experiences with not only my professors but also my peers. Most people are eager to learn and finding help from other students is easy. The professors I had in the Biosystems Engineering Department were all extremely knowledgeable in their subjects, both having many published works. I felt like my studies were engaging despite the academic system in Ireland being different than that of my home University. The topics I learned about gave me a great insight on the agriculture industry in Ireland which will help me with my internship this summer as I will be able to bring knowledge to the table that most likely no other intern will have. Given that I am one of the few people in my major at Penn State to have attended a study abroad program at UCD, it seemed like a daunting task at first but the advisors in the UCD Engineering Department are incredibly helpful and have been a priceless resource to aiding in my time at UCD. Partaking in an engineering study abroad isn't an easy task to take on but for those who are filled with excitement and motivation on a daily basis it was the perfect combination to help me thrive in a new environment. Push yourself, get involved, and you'll never regret it!"

Read Brian’s online blog at (opens in a new window)http://cantstopdublinthefun.blogspot.ie/

Wren Hoertdoerfer, Chemical & Biological Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder, Autumn 2022


Studying abroad at UCD has been one of my best decisions in college. The diversity of people and places at the touch of your fingers has been so amazing to experience. Dublin is a wonderful, bustling city with so many cafes to spend the day and so many pubs to spend some lively nights. 

Traveling around Ireland is so easy alone but UCD also offers so many day trips to cool places all over the country.  With my friends I have gone to Galway, Cliffs of Moher, and the Guinness storehouse so far. Being in Europe means it is also so easy to travel to other countries, I have got to go to Oktoberfest in Munich which was absolutely amazing. 

The campus at UCD feels like an oasis from the city and similar to one in the US. UCD hosts so many international students so not only will you befriend Irish people but people from all over.  It is a fantastic way to meet really fun people. My experience in Ireland so far has been lovely, I cannot wait to see what the rest of the semester has to bring. 

Morgan Weaver, Chemical Engineering Major, Penn State University, Spring 2020

Despite my semester abroad being cut short by 2 months due to COVID-19, I can confidently say that my time spent in Ireland studying at UCD was the best decision I have ever made. Being an international student at UCD is just a blast. Not only was I able to immerse myself in Irish culture, but I became friends with people from all around the world. In just my close group of friends, there were people from Ireland, America, New Zealand, France, Germany, Spain, and Australia. Never before have I been introduced to so many different cultures in one place. This is because about 30% of students at UCD are international. As a result, you are able to learn so many new things from one another. Whether it is a new recipe, an expression, or just a different perspective, I was constantly learning from my new friends. After having this experience in Ireland, the only thing I can think about is travelling all around the world to see what else I have been missing. I have UCD to thank for that.

In addition to UCD offering an incredibly diverse culture, they make it virtually impossible for international students to have a bad time. For example, every week, there are trips administered by the school that are free! This is super convenient because instead of spending your money on getting around Ireland, you can spend it on whatever you want when you are actually there. I was able to visit so many great places around Ireland and meet a lot of locals in various bars and pubs. One of my most memorable times was when I ended up having a 3-hour conversation with a wise old man in Cork at a local pub. He told me so many things I didn’t know, and I was even able to teach him a bit about US culture. These are the priceless memories that you will make while studying abroad. Enjoy every moment. I cannot wait to come back!

Laura Dhellemmes Chemical Engineering Major INP-ENSIACET, Toulouse, France, Autumn 2019

Studying abroad has always been a goal of mine, and once I found out about the courses and opportunities provided at UCD, I knew it would be a good fit for me. One semester later, my expectations have been blown away by all the wonderful experiences I've had at UCD, from joining the French society and talking to fellow students over steaming cups of coffee and delicious croissants, to meeting classmates from all over the world and exchanging stories about our international adventures.

In the chemical engineering department, my classes led me to view material I had already studied in a new light, and the professors were always supportive in answering questions or providing additional information. I made friends I never expected from different engineering courses and found a support system that helped me through difficult assignments and the rough weeks coming up to exams. Outside of class, I have had an amazing time discovering the vibrant, multicultural city of Dublin and could not be happier with my decision to come here. I strongly encourage students from all over the world to choose to study at UCD, as it is a decision they will surely not regret.

Brian Schramm Chemical Engineering major Stevens Institute of Technology, Autumn 2019

Studying at University College Dublin has been one of the best decisions I have made for my academic career. I was the first Chemical Engineer from Stevens Institute of Technology to study abroad since 2013, so from the beginning the odds were stacked against me. I worked through it, with the help of the UCD Study Abroad Office, and was able to make a study plan that fit my rigorous and tight engineering curriculum.

As any college student starting at university for the first time, there were those initial nerves coming into it. Well, let’s just say those nerves basically went away instantly. I was able to meet new people during Orientation Week, interact with numerous amounts of people from around the world through modules, and overall take advantage of all that Dublin had to offer. From the pubs on almost every corner to the countless museums such as the Guinness Storehouse and the National History Museum of Ireland, there is something for everyone in this lively city. There are also endless opportunities to spend your time at UCD campus, such as Res-Life pumpkin carving to the fitness classes at the UCD gym.

Study abroad also grants you the opportunity to explore not only all of Ireland, but mainland Europe! I am proud to say by the end of my study abroad experience I went to nine countries, some including Germany, Hungary, Belgium, and Portugal! These are memories that you will grab onto and remember forever.

All in all, if you are someone that is unsure if studying abroad is for you, I am here to say that UCD will not only exceed anything you imagined, but also give you an opportunity of a lifetime that is full of challenges and rewards. I am very confident in saying that UCD is the perfect place to study abroad and to call home for a semester.

Madeleine Kho, Chemical Engineering Junior, Bucknell University, Fall 2018

I knew very little about Dublin when I decided to study abroad at UCD, but I had heard great things about the school and I thought it would be an interesting challenge to go to a place I knew so little about. Before I arrived, I was nervous about picking an unfamiliar place, but it couldn’t have worked out better. UCD and Dublin vastly exceeded my expectations, and now I can’t imagine having gone anywhere else. The campus is so beautiful and my classes were awesome, and I felt supported and welcomed into the community almost instantly. I got to take a wide range of interesting and unique classes, and although the teaching style is very different than what I was used to, I always felt like I had plenty of support and I definitely learned a lot from all my professors! My classes were engaging and challenging, but I also had plenty of time to explore Ireland and a few other countries!  I couldn’t believe how fun and fulfilling the semester was. I've learned so much in the past few months, inside the classroom and out. Throughout my time at UCD, I felt encouraged to focus on my classes, but also make time to have new experiences outside of the classroom. I also took a class called "Ireland Uncovered" which was a great introduction to the history and culture of Ireland, and it was a great way to learn about the country and make some new friends. I also took dance classes with the dance society, which was another great way to meet new people. I have made so many friends from all over the world and have learned so much from all of them! Dublin is a great city to study abroad in - there's so much to do and it's a very student friendly city. From pubs, to museums, to shows, to gorgeous scenery, there's something for everyone and so much to explore! I'm so glad that I got to come to UCD for a semester and I am already looking forward to coming back!.

Peiyu Hao, Civil Engineering Major, Beijing University of Technology, Spring 2024

Peiyu Hao, Civil Engineering Major, Beijing University of Technology, Spring 2024

This trimester at UCD has been a remarkable experience. The quality of the courses is exceptional, especially "Analysis of Structure" and "Mechanics of Solid." These modules were taught in a manner similar to my home university, but the professors' unique approaches and the engaging experiments sparked new thoughts and insights. The structure of the knowledge imparted also differed slightly from what I had previously learned, prompting further reflection. Additionally, the elective modules were fascinating. I took Academic English and a module on Irish Geography. These classes offered numerous opportunities for interaction with my peers and included field trips to Howth and Killiney, which significantly enhanced my learning in civil engineering.

Living on campus, I found the UCD ResLife community vibrant and engaging, with numerous activities organized regularly. UCD Global provided extensive support throughout my stay, organizing several day trips, which were particularly helpful when I first arrived. The programme manager from the College of Engineering & Architecture also offered me substantial support in module registration and studying.

The variety of clubs at UCD is impressive. I joined the Mountaineering Club and explored the Wicklow Mountains multiple times. Hiking and cycling in Ireland have been incredible experiences, living up to its reputation as the "Emerald Isle." The scenic beauty of this green island is unparalleled, often referred to as the "jewel of the Atlantic." As an avid photographer, I captured numerous unforgettable moments here.

In conclusion, participating in the exchange program at University College Dublin is a highly rewarding experience. It has provided me with opportunities for cultural exchange, broadened my horizons, and allowed me to make new friends. It is an experience I will cherish forever.

Matthieu Demouveau, Civil Engineering major, ESTP Paris, Spring 2023

Matthieu Demouveau, Civil Engineering major, ESTP Paris, Spring 2023

This semester at UCD has been a great experience so far. The classes taught in the Civil Engineering School are great and complete well with the course of my home university. Moreover, some classes are quite specific (for instance Water treatment), thus only a small number of students are attending which promotes better learning. I was also able to take an economics class to acquire new skills that aren’t offered at my home university.

As an on-campus living student, I can testify that the atmosphere on UCD Campus is great.

You can have a drink with your friends and practise your English at the club house or thanks to the international program at UCD you have numerous opportunities to connect with other international students. Sports culture is everywhere on campus, you can support the UCD football club at the UCD Bowl or play a 5-a-side with your friends against other students.

Outside university, I have been able to explore Dublin and its surroundings such as the Powerscourt Waterfall. Moreover, the proximity of Dublin with lots of other cities such as Belfast, London, or Edinburgh offers lots of opportunities to travel and discover the United Kingdom. I would absolutely recommend UCD to my ESTP colleagues or from other universities because you won’t be disappointed academically or culturally.

Hanyu Cheng, Civil engineering major, Chongqing University, Autumn 2022

Hanyu Cheng, Civil engineering major, Chongqing University, Autumn 2022

The UCD exchange programme indelibly etched its mark upon my academic odyssey. Its all-encompassing curriculum facilitated me to stay current with engineering trends while immersing me in multiple sub-disciplines. Notably, the courses in structural design finessed my proficiency in executing Eurocodes, transportation classes enriched my cognizance of Ireland's sustainable mobility policy, and the lessons on structural dynamics ushered me into the realm of earthquake engineering.

Despite the substantial disparities in pedagogical approaches between Ireland and China, I discerned the Irish methodology to be alluring and effective. I also appreciated that UCD had abundant availability of tranquil study areas. Beyond the James Joyce Library, UCD emerged as a fascinating multicultural melting pot where Irish pub culture flourished, and multicultural diversity thrived. My pursuit of Italian fluency and participation in Japanese societies fostered camaraderie and sociability.

In a single semester, I also cycled and travelled with Iarnród Éireann to explore Ireland's awe-inspiring landscapes from Donegal wilderness to Cork Harbour, captivated by both breathtaking scenery and friendly locals. My stay also afforded me an encounter with engineering legacies such as the Lartigue Monorail and the Boyne Viaduct, whose aesthetic grandeur left a lasting impression on me. In sum, I wholeheartedly commend UCD to friends from the Sinosphere, as a globally engaged and hospitable institution where you could have many opportunities to refine and enhance yourselves.

Katherine McManaman, Civil Engineering major, University of Notre Dame, Autumn 2022


This semester has been an amazing experience at UCD. With a wide variety of Civil Engineering classes, I was able to take any/all classes that I would have otherwise taken at my home university. Along with my civil engineering courses, I was able to take a general Ireland class where I learned all about the culture and history of Ireland. 

Beyond the classroom I became involved in Engineering Society and the International Student Society. The international program at UCD has also offered numerous opportunities to connect with other international students through school functions, hikes, and cultural experiences. The Mountaineering Club has allowed me to meet other students from Ireland and spend time climbing at the wall in the gym. 

Outside of the university, I have been able to explore as much of Dublin as possible and several places throughout Europe. Whether I have been exploring Dublin, hiking Howth, or jet-setting with friends to nearby countries, I have taken full advantage of the opportunities available. I would absolutely recommend UCD to any student from my home university or from other universities. I have expanded my mindset academically and culturally, which is something that I will be able to take back to campus with me next semester.

Caleigh Jensen, Civil Engineering, University of Colorado Boulder, Autumn 2021

I had an amazing time at UCD and would have loved to stay for longer. There was a great selection of civil engineering courses available which allowed me to easily transfer courses back home. I also had a huge range of electives to choose from and learned tons from my "History of Ireland" course. Besides learning in the classroom, I was able to experience Ireland's rich history and culture for the semester. Dublin is overall a fantastic city, with tons of nightlife and a very vibrant atmosphere. The people are incredibly friendly and even gave me great advice for traveling around Ireland during my time here.

Also, with the great location, I was able to travel around Europe (COVID permitting of course). I explored Italy, France, the U.K., and even ran a marathon in Greece. I would absolutely recommend UCD to anyone considering studying abroad. It was one of the greatest experiences of my life and I'm sure it will be an incredible experience for you too.

Stirling Martin, Civil Engineering, Virginia Military Institute, Spring 2019

My time spent at UCD will be forever remembered as the pinnacle of my college career. Coming from such a strict environment such as the Virginia Military Institute (VMI), the adjustment to the European lecturing, learning, and living style was a significant shift, but one that was extremely worthwhile. The international program through UCD offered countless opportunities to connect with other international students from all corners of the globe through multiple clubs, societies, and school functions. Beyond the classes in the School of Engineering I seized the chance to join the UCD Film Society and the Mountaineering Club, both which were phenomenal experiences. The UCD film society allowed me to see masterpieces and cult classic films on the campus’s big screen that I would have never gotten to see in such a manner otherwise, while the Mountaineering club allowed me to reach some of the highest and most serene points of Ireland. After hiking through the quiet and picturesque hills of Glendalough and bearing witness to the sheer beauty of Ireland, the country will forever hold a place in my heart as a land with immeasurable beauty and warmth from every person you greet.

Beyond the numerous opportunities to travel all around both Ireland and Europe (thanks to the amazingly cheap Ryan Air) the qualities of the Civil Engineering program are the true gem of the UCD study abroad experience. Their diverse and professionally manicured array of lectures provided within their curriculum allow to option to pursue almost any Engineering classes one would need. For myself, the fact that UCD held the Washington Accord with American universities meant everything as I could take core curriculum classes abroad rather than just extra-curriculars, which is something that could never happen at any other school in the world and as an Engineering major, one’s schedule is already filled to the brim with all the required classes, that falling behind means not graduating on time. UCD allowed me that chance to not fall behind, while having my eyes opened to a new way of thinking and problem solving, an asset that will remain with me forever. I said before how diverse the classes were, which allowed me to even take master’s courses in some courses and delve in detail to how different countries carry out similar high-level construction and design projects. The learning style changed to a much more involved process that puts the student at the center of the discovery process with both the responsibility for the absorption of the material as well and bringing forth new ideas to the class. The Civil Engineering program was an amazing size that allowed for the chance of 1 on 1 with the professors even though the student population is well over 30,000. UCD will be a memory I cherish forever and hope that more can share in the amazing experience that attending such a school, even for a semester, is.

Daniel Corrigan, Civil Engineering Major, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, Spring 2017

“I had a fantastic time studying abroad at UCD in Ireland and I wish I could have stayed longer. I learned a lot in the classroom, I met loads of new and interesting people, I got to experience a different culture for four months, and I also got to see some other parts of Europe in my time there!

Dublin is a fantastic city with lots of character and history. I had so many good experiences exploring the city and enjoying its sights, restaurants, and night life. I also had the opportunity to travel to several beautiful places in the countryside of Ireland such as Killarney in Co. Kerry and the Cliffs of Moher in Co. Clare. The Irish are an incredibly welcoming people and it was a privilege to embrace their culture while living in their country, and I particularly enjoyed their music and their sports.

The breath of engineering courses available allowed me to seamlessly integrate a study abroad semester into my home university plan of study. I also got to take some interesting elective courses such as ‘Music in Ireland’ which I thoroughly enjoyed and would never have taken otherwise.

I encourage anyone who is considering studying abroad at UCD to do so because I have had the time of my life during my semester here, and I have no doubt that the staff and the students will help to make it an unforgettable experience for you too”.

Will Bernath, Electrical Engineering, University of Notre Dame, spring 2023

Will Bernath, Electrical Engineering, University of Notre Dame, spring 2023

Deciding to study abroad at UCD has been monumental in terms of my overall enjoyment while abroad in Ireland. As somebody who had never left the United States before coming to study in Ireland, nearly every aspect of life is different in some way, big or small, and college is no exception to that change. I am fortunate to be able to navigate such changes at UCD, as the professors, advisors, and fellow students have been fantastic in helping me to adapt to not only a different college experience, but a different living experience as well. From the first day of classes I have felt welcomed with open arms and as comfortable as ever at UCD.

The classes themselves have been phenomenal as well, being taught by professors that are experts in their field and extremely willing to help whenever they can. A big difference from US universities that I personally enjoy is the fewer number of assignments for each class. The information that I learn is not sacrificed, and at the same time I have more free time to enjoy the beautiful city that is Dublin, as well as other European cities.

UCD is home to a diverse student community from all over the world, and there are countless clubs and societies that cater to a wide range of interests. UCD's location in the heart of Dublin also means that there is always something exciting happening in the city. Dublin has personally been one of the most fun experiences of my life, as the nightlife is alive and vibrant every night and is an extremely college student-friendly city. Overall, I could not recommend studying at UCD enough. 

Sara Stephen, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Baylor University, spring 2023

Sara Stephen, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Baylor University, spring 2023

The reason why I decided UCD was due to the fact that they have a great Engineering program that could easily transfer to my home University. It was really nice to take the course I need for my degree while being in a different country and it was also interesting to see how the curriculum and educational system differed from the US. Such as how there's hardly any homework and the exams are weighted very high due to that. I was also really interested in the societies that they had here and decided to join taekwondo which was one of the best decisions since coming here. I got to travel and compete as well as make friends with everyone in the club. I made some really great memories there.

I was also very excited to just study abroad in general and see what Ireland has to offer. I've had so much fun traveling and learning the culture. I’ve especially enjoyed the transportation system here. I've never taken a bus or train until I got here so it was a shock and I found it fascinating. Also, depending on where you are, the coast is beautiful and being able to hike through the mountains was an experience. I'm really glad I came here.

Taylor Chapman, Electrical Engineering Major, Yale University, Spring 2020

I am so happy I decided to study abroad at UCD because I absolutely loved my experience and feel I grew tremendously while being there. Academically, I felt very challenged because I was able enrol in courses otherwise not offered by my university. I explored entirely new topics in power engineering and renewable energy that ultimately helped me broaden my passion for sustainability. I was also able to conduct research in UCD’s Energy Institute which was a very exciting process of learning and discovery. Outside of the classroom, it was always incredibly fun to attend the various social and club events hosted by the student organizations. There were karaoke nights, student performances, rock climbing nights, pub crawls, and so much more. All these events made it easy to make friends from all over the world and to create amazing new memories.

Beyond UCD’s campus I enjoyed going out to observe the natural and stunning beauty of Ireland. This was probably my favourite aspect of being abroad! I would often take small bus or train rides outside of the city to see some of the surrounding nature. I loved spending time on the coast and walking on the cliffs of Howth, the beaches of Balbriggan, and seeing the gardens of Wicklow. Although my experience was cut short as a result of COVID-19, I am still very grateful for the time I had in Ireland and for the people I met there. This experience has taught me to make the most of my time and to take advantage of every opportunity to explore because I never know when I’d be able to do it again.

Yufeng Guo, Electrical engineering senior year exchange student, Beijing Institute of Technology, 2018/2019

"My time at UCD is one of the most rewarding times of my life. Apart from the engineering courses, I also took German electives from ALC and Irish culture course. During the first semester, I work closely with Associate Professor Paul Curran on my graduate project. I’m so happy to apply my knowledge of control theory into practice and have the privilege to learn the cutting-edge control algorithm developed here in UCD to control the fuel tanks of ESA’s Ariana rockets. My invaluable experience here also helped me to receive an admission from Duke University’s graduate school. I’d say my experience at UCD absolutely adds to that.

My favorite music band is Westlife and that’s the reason why I choose to study in Ireland. After I arrived here, I’m so impressed by the history and culture of this emerald isle. The national museum of archeology is my favorite place to visit. I also love the breathtaking scenery at the cliffs of Moher. I’m also learning how to play the Irish tin whistle. Hopefully I can play a complete song before I leave here. In one word, a semester/ year at UCD is worth it without doubt."

Tara Myers, Electrical & Computer Junior, Baylor University, Fall 2017.

First, let’s get one thing straight. It was not my idea to come to Ireland. In fact, back home I would tell people, “There is no way I could ever study abroad, I’m not adventurous enough!”. Well, as it turns out, all you need to be ‘adventurous’ is an idea, and a leap of faith. One of my good friends from my home university began talking about going to study abroad in Ireland, and the thought that changed my life was, “If she can do it, I can do it too!”. That was the end of that. Before I knew it, I was scrambling to get my paperwork in before a deadline that I wasn’t even sure I wanted to meet. Next thing I know, I’m sitting next to that same friend on a plane to Ireland! I’m an engineering student here at UCD, and my classes are hard, but I learned that my life does not have to be. Coming to Ireland was a split- second decision for me, but the lessons I have learned here will last for decades to come. The Cliffs of Moher taught me that nature is a force to be reckoned with, and this earth has survived through problems much larger than my homework. The crumbled view of several castles taught me that this life, my life, will someday end, and all that will be left as a result of this life is what you build. My favorite coastline in Bray taught me that there is a healing nature in the peace that comes from the slow correction of the ocean waves. My student experience at UCD taught me that my life is more than my education. Although the largest impact I leave on this world may be the products of my future work, I am not just a brain. My body has a heart inside that also requires attention. My student experience at UCD taught me to notice the beauty I am surrounded by, and determine what I really wanted from my life after college. Coming to UCD has helped me to understand why I chose the major I did, and what my life can look like in any country if I simply take the time to appreciate my surroundings. Because I am a senior, I cannot think of more perfect timing for this realization. Although I love my home country, there is a certain magic in those beautiful, still ponds on UCD’s campus. The education is deeper than the water, and the quality of life is definitely brighter than the overcast skies. Thank you UCD!

Sasha Hyde, Mechanical engineering major, Elon University, spring 2024

Sasha Hyde, mechanical engineering major, Elon University, spring 2024

Studying abroad at UCD has been a unique experience I will never forget. It has allowed me to experience city lifestyle, make new connections, and learn in a new environment. While studying at the university, I was able to fully immerse myself in a new city lifestyle for the first time. Coming from my home in Long Island and American University, both located in the suburbs, it was an exhilarating experience to live within Dublin city. During my time here in Ireland, I have learned a lot about the culture and have also been presented with the opportunity to explore the different parts of the country, including Galway, the Aran Islands, Northern Ireland, Cork, and many smaller towns throughout Ireland, like Howth.

In addition to my travels, I have been able to make many new friends and connections here in Ireland, specifically through my modules at UCD. The diverse community is filled with many international students from all over the world, which has made this experience so unique. The community at UCD provides a very friendly environment, and I have found support in my modules and learning through fellow students. Coming to UCD from such a small university was a difficult adjustment, but the opportunity to study in this new environment has allowed me to develop new learning skills. Although the classroom sizes were large, I was able to connect with a lot of people through additional collaborative projects as part of the module curriculum. The resources and community have made my time at the university an unforgettable and once in a lifetime experience. I am so grateful for this opportunity, and I hope to return to Ireland soon!

Joey Boyd, Mechanical engineering major, University of Minnesota, Duluth, spring 2024

Joey Boyd, Mechanical engineering major, University of Minnesota, Duluth, spring 2024

Studying abroad at UCD has been an unforgettable journey filled with enriching experiences and personal growth. One of the highlights of my time at UCD has been immersing myself in the rich and dynamic culture of Ireland. From listening to traditional music in local pubs to exploring historic landmarks like Trinity College and the Guinness Storehouse, every moment has been fabulous. The warmth and friendliness of the Irish people have made me feel at home, and I've cherished the opportunity to learn about their heritage and traditions.

Academically, I’ve been supported by amazing professors who seem to have a genuine vested interest in my success. Despite the large class sizes, I’ve been able to connect with them and receive any help I may need. UCD also has multiple resources such as the math support centre which can be helpful if you’re struggling in a class.

Beyond Dublin, I've had the chance to explore other breath-taking areas of Ireland, and have been constantly amazed by the natural beauty of this country. Additionally, being based in Dublin has provided easy access to other parts of Europe, making it possible to embark on unforgettable adventures across the continent. I would recommend UCD to anyone, my experience has been nothing short of amazing.

Virginie Boussaud, Mechanical engineering major, ECAM Rennes, France, spring 2024

Virginie Boussaud, Mechanical engineering major, ECAM Rennes, France, spring 2024

If you ever get the chance to study abroad, grab your tickets and seize the opportunity! There's nothing better for discovering new horizons and, above all, discovering yourself. This experience will enrich you in so many ways: open-mindedness, autonomy, independence, to name a few. Moreover, being directly immersed in an English-speaking country is the perfect opportunity to become bilingual (or close to it), a major asset in the world of work and especially for the future.

Ireland is a country filled with culture, Dublin has a charm of its own, and it's easy and inexpensive to travel from one end of Ireland to the other. If you enjoy hiking, you'll be spoiled for choice among all these places with impressive landscapes. As for UCD, the campus is incredible, and you'll quickly feel at home. The courses are well-organized, and it's truly interesting to explore other methods of learning and working. We are well-supported, and they have all the necessary equipment for you to engage in a research project.

If you want to make friends, don't worry; it'll be very easy to meet people who will support you throughout your stay, whether it's during one of the events offered by the campus or simply by sharing accommodation. In any case, if the opportunity presents itself for me to study abroad again, I wouldn't hesitate!

Ian Staff, Mechanical engineering major, Santa Clara University, Autumn 2022

Ian Staff, Mechanical engineering major, Santa Clara University, Autumn 2022

Studying abroad at UCD was an incredible experience. I was blown away by the quality of my professors and how much they do to make sure you succeed. My favourite class was Thermodynamics 3. The three professors who taught it made it extremely interesting, especially Dr. Finn.

One of my big worries was trying to make friends in a new country. UCD gives lots of opportunities to do that. One of my favourite moments was the city crawl for international students. I ended up meeting and making friends that have carried on past my time in Ireland. I always enjoyed all of the different societies available on campus. I joined the surf society with my friends and we all got to enjoy well organized trips and the opportunity to make more friends.

Dublin is a fantastic city with lots to do. You have to take a bus to get into the city, but once you’re in, everything is very walkable and I spent a lot of time exploring and finding the hidden gems in the city. Outside Dublin, there are so many other beautiful places to see as well. There are buses and trains that can take you anywhere in the country, and I loved how quick it was to get anywhere. Overall, I highly recommend UCD to anyone looking to have an incredibly memorable study abroad experience. The memories I made there will last a lifetime.

Keena Gao, Mechanical Engineering at Duke University, Autumn 2022


My semester at UCD has been one of my favourite experiences in college. Even though it can be rainy and cloudy, I have loved seeing classic Irish sights like the Cliffs of Moher and going on a hike in the Wicklow Mountains with the UCD mountaineering clubs. Some of my favourite trips include exploring Giant's Causeway and Northern Ireland, kissing the Blarney stone in Cork, hiking the cliff walk at Howth, and going on a pub crawl in Galway. I have also enjoyed walking through the streets of Dublin during the day and having pints in cosy pubs at night!

The clubs and societies are also so welcoming, and it's been fun to meet both Irish students and other international students. I've taken great workshops in K-pop, hip hop and Zumba through the UCD dance society and decided to join the windsurfing club to try something new. The classes are also very interesting, and I've learned about subjects I wouldn't have otherwise such as the archaeology of Ireland and supply chain management. Overall, I have loved studying here and would love to return to Ireland in the future!

Bianca Acot, Mechanical Engineering major, Princeton University, Spring 2020

A photograph of Bianca Acot

Studying abroad at UCD has been one of my favourite semesters of college so far!

First of all, classes were well-taught, and professors were accommodating and accessible. My favourite class was the independent research module. With the mentorship of Professor Michael Gilchrist, I analysed rugby head impacts using finite element analysis. The project was a perfect combination of my interests in engineering, medicine, and sports, and I will be continuing this research for my senior thesis with Professor Gilchrist as my advisor.

Though I was worried about going to a school where I did not know anyone, everybody was super welcoming and friendly. I mainly met people through the wide array of societies UCD has to offer. I ended up joining the Newman society, mountaineering society, food society, lacrosse team, and volleyball team (all of which, I highly recommend!). Through society events, I made friends for a lifetime, learned about Irish culture, explored Dublin and Ireland, and had tons of fun!

At UCD, I experienced a new culture, new people, and new academic interests. These experiences ‘broadened my horizons’, cliché as it may be. The friends and memories I made and the knowledge I gained are irreplaceable. My time at UCD has exceeded my expectations, and though it has only been a couple months since I left, I already look forward to going back

Breysen Dettwiller, Mechanical Engineering major, University of Alabama, Autumn 2020

UCD was a really special place to go. Whenever I first got on campus, I was really worried that the virus would cancel all the fun activities, but the Study Abroad program made my time there more than I ever expected. Every trip was incredible and all the people were great to be around. The country was one of the most beautiful places I have ever been to and study abroad did their best to show it off to us.

Of course, the studies I did were also important. The Professors I had were all really good at their jobs and I ended up learning quite a bit about my field. I’m glad I got to learn from all of them. My trip to Ireland was well worth it, even in the world right now, and I would love to go back and show my family everything I experienced here.

Franziska Schurr, Mechanical Engineering major, University of Stuttgart, Germany, Autumn 2019

My Semester at UCD was a great experience. When I arrived in Dublin it was September and the weather was still nice. UCD has a super good orientation week, one week before the lectures start. During this week there are many events for all students and especially for exchange students. I met very nice friends, with whom I spent my whole semester here. By joining various societies and sports clubs I had a lot of fun with so many different people from all over the world. I decided to join the rugby and trampoline club, because I wanted to try something new and it was great. I also had a lot of fun the mechanical engineering society in the formula student team.

The teachers and their staff were always very nice and cooperative and made a lot of effort to help with assignments and essays. Joanne, the Study Abroad Manager, was always very helpful and the first contact person for all questions about my studies. Before and during the semester, I was always able to ask her all kinds of questions by e-mail and in her office hours.

With the friends I met here I made a lot of trips in Ireland. Definitely worth seeing is Galway, the Cliffs of Moher and Northern Ireland with the Giants Causeway! The societies always offer a lot of excursions in Ireland. Dublin itself is so beautiful and so diverse. It is definitely worth it to go to Howth, a small peninsula of Dublin. Howth reflects the landscape of the island perfectly. You can see it in the picture. There you can walk along the cliffs to a lighthouse and after that you can eat fish and chips and have a pint in the small village.

I had a lot of experiences, at school and personally. Ireland is a super beautiful country and meanwhile it feels like home. The friendships I have made are for life. The pubs, the street musicians, the old buildings in the city centre have a very special flair. Therefore, I would always come back to Dublin.

Amy Gasperlynn, Mechanical Engineering Sophomore, Marquette University, Autumn 2017

Before coming to UCD I thought one semester abroad would be plenty, but now that my time is coming to a close, I only wish I had more time. The new friends I have made through the Athletics Club and Engineering Society are people I will stay in contact with throughout my lifetime. Joining campus organizations exposed me to a fun group of people that support each other, but also have a ton of fun by hosting pub crawls and dinners as a group. I highly suggest going to a dinner at the Punch Bowl, a pub that is only a twenty-minute walk from the Belgrove campus! My teachers have been great resources of information and all three of my engineering professors have met with me when I have questions about the subjects or work problems. They have been extremely helpful and welcoming as I adapted to my new learning environment. Along with the professors, I have found my engineering adviser, Joanne, to be someone I could ask all my many questions to at the beginning of the semester and I always received a speedy email answering all my inquisitions.

I had the opportunity to travel around Ireland along with other countries in the UK. Different student organizations I signed up for, the Erasmus Society and the Study Abroad Society, along with the Centre for Study Abroad hosted events and trips around Ireland. I got to travel to Belfast, Galway, and Kilkenny with fellow students and I had a blast learning about the history of different areas and making friends along the way. I got to tour many castles and hike to various waterfalls. The Cliffs of Moher are truly magnificent. I had imagined the cliffs before I got there, but pictures do not do how high they stand.

If I had the opportunity to come back another semester, I would in a heartbeat! UCD has been a second home for me this semester and I encourage other engineering students to come and study at UCD, because they will not be disappointed with the beauty of Ireland and the excellent education they will receive. I am taking all the opportunities I can to dwell in the culture of Ireland before heading home.

Cole Trammell, Mechanical Engineering Sophomore, Texas Tech University, Autumn 2017

When I first got to Ireland it was rainy and overcast. That was the first sign that I would love it here as days like that were rare at best in west Texas. It was a very interesting day, missing my bus stop for UCD, getting lost on campus, and not knowing where to get food. Luckily for me everyone in Ireland is extraordinarily kind and willing to help the best they can. That alone made my semester completely worth it. The class structure was markedly different from what I am used to at my home university, but I prefer it since there isn’t homework every single night. The combination of the calming weather, the beautiful amount of green I had never seen before, the kindness of the community, and the challenging yet easy going class structure at UCD has made this semester one of the highlights of the college life. I would love to return to Ireland again in the future.

Difei Lang, Renewable Energy Engineering Major, Beijing University of Technology (1+2+1 Programme), Sept 2022 to May 2024

Difei Lang, Renewable Energy Engineering Major, Beijing University of Technology (1+2+1 Programme), Sept 2022 to May 2024

My study at UCD is an invaluable experience. Studying at UCD is different from where I came from in many ways. UCD encourages students to gain a comprehensive understanding of knowledge, studying here is not just about preparing for the exam, but also understanding and applying our knowledge. I can still remember the times when I was grappling with the questions that asked me to prove a concept or solve a real engineering problem.

Fortunately, UCD possesses many dedicated and knowledgeable professors who genuinely care about each student's progress and are always willing to lend a helping hand or inspire students in their studies. I truly expanded my knowledge at UCD. All the staff and students here are very friendly and helpful. Moreover, I had a pleasant time with many amicable classmates. We can discuss academic problems during group work, or chat about differences in culture and lifestyle. Through this interaction, I made many friends and experienced the rich multicultural atmosphere here.

Apart from studying, the extracurricular life at UCD is equally enriching. There are a variety of societies here in UCD. I can enjoy the fully equipped gym and swimming pool if I join the sports society, stargazing with a telescope if I join the physics society, and building many interesting robots if I join the robot society. I also joined the UCD Chinese society (CSSA), where we can engage in many interesting activities such as guessing lantern riddles during the lantern festival. Outside campus, Ireland is known as the Emerald Isle for its beautiful scenery. I have been to places like O’Connell Street and Howth in Dublin, I also visited Cliff of Moher, Ring of Kerry, Killarney National Park, the Wicklow mountains, and cities such as Galway and Cork during breaks. Overall, I really learned and experienced a lot during my exchange in UCD, this will be a memory I will always cherish.

Yizhou Huang, Renewable Energy Engineering Major, Beijing University of Technology (1+2+1 Programme), Sept 2020 to May 2022

My two-year study life in UCD was absolutely the most valuable treasure in my life.

In the summer of 2020, when the plane began its final approach into Dublin, I kept staring out of the window at the jaw-dropping scenery, not wanting to miss a single glimpse of the green grass and the bright sunshine. Everything was so pure, fresh, and amazing and enabled me to expect my two-year study life in UCD.

Now, recollecting my study time in UCD, it was truly a high time to stimulate my creativity, broaden my horizons and enrich my life. Here in UCD, every faculty and student I met was super friendly and I gratefully met the best professors and peers. I could feel the responsible attitude of professors and their passion for academics. And I enjoyed the time discussing with professors after class. Also,during every group meeting time, my group members and I always had a lively discussion about our topic. We got the spark of new ideas together, and the inspiration of creation came from the discussion between us.

At UCD, you could expect a multicultural environment, and that is also where UCD attracts me. It is cool to make friends with different culture and chat together, isn’t it? In addition, UCD offers you a wide range of extracurricular activities like movies, sports, clubs, and societies. I joined UCD Chinese Society (CSSA) this year and benefited a lot from it. Many interesting activities were organized by CSSA, e.g., during this Halloween, we carved Halloween Jack-O'- Lanterns with friends across majors and countries. Meanwhile, life in Ireland, the Emerald Isle, is worth remembering for a lifetime. Strolling along the Ha’penny bridge and O’Connell Street to experience the profound history of Ireland, listening to the breezes on the beaches of Howth and Bray to purify your soul, and watching seagulls and swans playing in flocks at UCD Lake with a cup of coffee to enjoy a nice afternoon. Full of memory, full of happiness. All in all, UCD is a place where changed my life and offered me an opportunity to become a better person!!

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