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Blaschka collections worldwide

Blaschka models are known from large number of museums and universities in Europe and North America. However, because they were traditionally incorporated into natural history display collections, the historical and artistic value of these objects have often been overlooked by their custodians. And because the Blaschkas had contemporary imitators, sometimes there is confusion about whether a model is a Blaschka piece, or a glass model by another artisan. If you know of any additional collections with Blaschka holdings, or other scientific glass models, please contact us. Any institutions with information about their collections available online will be added to this list as we become aware of them. Additional collections of Blaschka glass models continue to emerge in unexpected places. Contact: Julia Sigwart [julia.sigwart (at) ucd.ie]

Collections and exhibitions on the web

Australian Museum
Images of anemone models not on display since 1941

Corning Museum of Glass / Harvard University (USA)
Exhibition of botanical models and drawings

University of Wisconsin (Madison, USA)
News story about newly-discovered Blaschka collection, Summer 2007

Minnesota Aquarium (USA)
Temporary exhibit, Autumn 2007, featuring zoological models from the collections of Harvard University

Abberdeen University (Scotland)

Berlin Humbolt Collection (Germany)

Cornell University (USA)

Harvard Botanical Museum (USA)

Natural History Museum London (UK)

Grant Museum of Zoology, University College London (UK)

National Museum and Gallery of Wales (UK)
(included in exhibtion curated by the Design Museum, London)

University of Tübingen (Germany)
included in an exhibition in the city museum [link 2]

Fondazione Scienza e Technica (Firenze, Italy) [link: Blaschka models photographs]

Utrecht University Museum (The Netherlands)
(image of one model, text in Dutch)
Contact information [link 2]

Other Biological Glass Models

Known Blaschka collections, worldwide

Country Institution
Australia Australian Museum [link]
Museum of Victoria
Austria Landesmuseum Joanneum
Naturhistorische Sammlungen der Sternwarte Kremsmünster
Naturhistorisches Museum Wien
Universität Innsbruck
Universität Wien, Department of Theoretical Biology [link]
Belgium Université de Liège / Aquarium Dubuisson - Musée de Zoologie
Canada Redpath Museum, McGill University (Montreal)
Czech Republic Národní Muzeum (Prague)
France Musée Zoologique (Strasbourg)
Germany Eberhard-Karls-Universität Tübingen [link]
Museum der Natur Gotha
Museum für Naturkunde, Humboldt University (Berlin) [link]
Museum für Tierkunde, Staatliche Naturhistorische Sammlungen, Dresden
Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Görlitz
Universität Leipzig
Universität Rostock
Ireland National Museum of Ireland - Natural History
National University of Ireland, Galway
Trinity College Dublin
University College Cork
University College Dublin
Italy Fondazione per la Scienza e Tecnica (via Giusti, Florence) [link]
La Specola, Museo Zoologico, Florence, Italy
Scientific Collection of Ginnasio Liceo “Giovanni Prati” (Trento)
Universitá di Pisa
New Zealand Canterbury Museum (Christchurch)
Otago Museum, Dunedin
Poland Warsaw University
Sweden Museum of Zoology, Lund University
Swedish Museum of Natural History
Switzerland Aargauisches Naturmuseum
Muséum d' Histoire Naturelle
The Netherlands Universiteits Museum Utrecht [link 1] [link 2]
United Kingdom Abberdeen University (Scotland) [link]
Derby Museum and Art Gallery
Glasgow Art Gallery & Museum
Grant Museum of Zoology, University College London [link]
Guernsey Museums and Galleries
The Hancock Museum
Hunterian Museum and Art Gallery
Imperial College
Leeds City Museum
The Manchester Museum
National Museum and Gallery of Wales [link]
National Museums of Scotland
Natural History Musuem (London) [link]
New Walk Museum and Art Gallery
Nottingham City Museums & Galleries
Oxford University Museum
Perth Museum and Art Gallery
Alexis F-J Turner [private collection]
World Museum Liverpool
Yorkshire Museum
USA Academy of Natural Sciences (Philadelphia)
Carnegie Museum of Art (Pittsburgh)
Cornell University / Corning Museum of Glass [link]
Field Museum of Natural History (Chicago)
Harvard University (Cambridge) [link]
Milwaukee Public Museum
University of Wisconsin (Madison, USA) [link]