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Project Targets

  1. To provide the scientific baseline data required to inform a management framework for the protection of vital functions of coastal wetlands

  2. To provide the data for the inclusion of coastal wetlands into the National Inventory Report for GHG Emissions, and adaptation and mitigation plans for UNFCCC reporting

  3. To enhance the vital function of coastal protection against storm surge, reducing the need for expensive hard infrastructure

  4. To enable managed realignment of coastal wetlands to allow for the adaptation to sea-level rise

  5. To enhance coastal protection for coastal dwellers and farmers as the climate continues to change and sea level rises

  6. To provide benefits for society for the use of these habitats for recreational purposes and enhanced the protection of rare plant and bird species, creating a more informed public regarding climate change and the benefits of coastal wetlands

  7. To raise Ireland’s climate change research profile on an international platform through engagement with the  Coastal Carbon Research Coordination Network