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Corporate Information Website Overview

Corporate Information Website Overview

The Corporate Information Project is a university-wide project sponsored by the Registrar Dr Philip Nolan with the support of the Bursar and the Vice President for Staff Affairs & Administrative Systems.
The long-term goal of the Corporate Information project is to develop UCD’s corporate information environment, with a view to ensuring the consistent and transparent dissemination of information from administrative systems, both internally and externally.

For the first time, this project brings together information relating to service from the three major administrative systems (Banner Student Information System, CORE HR/Payroll System, and the eFinancials System).
This site features a link to the Corporate Information Catalogue, which is an index of sources of management information around the university. It also details the current policy with regard to rollout of administrative systems, and provides information for users of administrative systems on how to get access to them and how to use them. Finally, it provides statistics on requests for service from the administrative systems.
We encourage feedback and comment from users of this site on how it can be made more useful.
Please email with your comments.

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Corporate Information - e-Financials

Systems Accountant Name:
Siobhan Dunne
POP Administrator Name:
Emma Acton

  • Management and development of the Cedar eFinancials System.
  • Deployment of eFinancials (including Accounts Receivable and Purchase Order Processing) university-wide.
  • Delivery of Business Objects reports from eFinancials to academic and support units, and to research project managers.
  • System security and integrity.
  • Functional system testing, configuration and data modelling.
  • Provision of a 'Help Desk' function for users to provide non technical support.

Utilising the Corporate Information Website

The Corporate Information website is a catalogue of reports that are available to end-users.  All reports that are available to the Colleges and Schools will be included in the Corporate Information catalogue.

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