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Academic internships

UCD runs a range of Academic Internship Programmes across all six colleges at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, which provides you with an excellent opportunity to engage with UCD talent early in their career.

What are Academic Internships:

Academic Internships are accredited University modules and are an important feature of the student experience and in developing student employability. The objective of any internship learning experience for a student is to consolidate and complement the academic learning, knowledge and skills with experience. 

Academic Internships involve a three-way partnership;  student, employer and the University.  An employer hosts the student for the duration of their academic internship and the University is brought closer to key businesses and emerging industry sectors.

What are the Benefits for Employers:

  • Students bring their skills, values and fresh ideas to the workplace.
  • Internships provide a source of skilled labour for host employers.
  • Early engagement helps you assess potential to fill future graduate positions.
  • Engagement with UCD increases the potential for further collaborations 

How do I get Involved?

View the Academic Internship Programme List to find what programmes have an academic internship. This list also gives you information on the timing/length of internships and which School Internship Manager you need to contact to find out more on closing dates etc. 

How does UCD Support you - Systems & Process?

  • UCD has an appointed University Internship Manager should you wish to discuss how to engage in the academic internship programmes in order to meet your talent needs. 
  • Each College has an appointed Internship Manager, who advises you on the process of advertising academic internships to their specific school and associated programmes.  A Programme Director/Module Coordinator who manages the academic side of the programme ensures suitability and assessment of the internship.
  • UCD has a dedicated system called MyCareer which enables you to upload internship roles and advertise to those students with who you want to engage with. MyCareer also has an internship application management system where students will view and apply for your academic internships.
  • We also help you manage the signing of the host internship agreement, statements of internship with each College/School through our dedicated Work Placement Portal.

Things to Consider:

  • Host employers are required to treat students in the same way as they treat their other employees, ie. recruit & select, arrange induction training, assign a mentor, goal setting, performance management etc.
  • Aim to design an internship opportunity that helps develop students employability skills.
  • Students who are on internship are still registered students of UCD and as such will have to complete assessments as part of their internship module.   
  • A UCD host agreement is signed detailing the host responsibilities around Health & Safety practices, insurance and also details UCD’s responsibilities while students are on internship.
  • Participate in University check-ins that are organised during the internship and provide feedback, if required.