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Academic internships

UCD has numerous academic programmes (undergraduate and postgraduate –both taught and research) that include an internship component. Internships vary in duration with some being up to a year in length...

Providing internship opportunities as part of a programme of study benefits students in many ways:

  • An opportunity to put theory into practice is provided
  • New skills and knowledge, personal and work related, are acquired
  • Students’ employment potential is enhanced

Organisations that provide internship opportunities to UCD students also gain positively from the experience:  

  • Students bring new and updated skills and fresh ideas to the work place
  • Student interns can be assessed for their potential to fill future positions
  • Engagement with UCD increases the potential to develop linkages and collaborations in other areas

The University in turn gains from its increased engagement with internship providers:  

  • Students are able to develop employability skills in an applied setting
  • Links between UCD programmes and the labour market are more explicit
  • The University is brought closer to key businesses and emerging industry sectors

Are you interested in offering an internship? Check the full list of internship programmes in UCD to find out more!

Employers can also advertise internship opportunities to UCD students and graduates through our Careers Connect portal.