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Employability in the curriculum

In line with best practice, the Careers Network has been actively working in partnership with Schools to integrate credit bearing personal and career development planning into the curriculum.

We deliver or co-deliver a range of personal and professional development seminars, workshops and modules, tailored to the needs of specific cohorts of students. This can take the form of stand-alone workshops that sit outside the curriculum or full or partial credit-bearing modules that sit within the curriculum. Examples of standalone seminars and workshops include:

  • Networking & Creating A Positive First Impression
  • Internship Preparation Workshop: Sourcing Strategies
  • Career Planning: Now, Next and Networking
  • Succeeding at Interview
  • Alumni Panel Event: Spotlight on Careers in the EU

Carrying up to 5 credits, academic modules we are currently delivering or co-delivering are listed in the table below. These modules enable academic Schools to meet certain strategic objectives while also addressing the career and personal development needs of students.

Module CodeModule NameDescription
HUM20010 Career Readiness for Arts Full module
TBC Career Readiness for Humanities Full module
SCI10040 Prepare for your Future Career Full module delivered in S1 and S2(99x2)
BIOC40180 Professional Career Development Partial module
BIOC40150 Professional Career Development Partial module
PHAR40280 Professional Skills for Toxicologists Partial module
CHEM41210 Professional Career Development Partial module
LAW10420 Legal and Professional Skills Partial module
SSCI20020 Career Development in Social Sciences Full module
EDUC10170 Human Learning Partial module
EDUC43260 Internship: Work Experience & Career Development Partial module
ECON42510 Internship Module Partial module
POL41930 Psychology of Conflict - Internship Preparation Partial module
PSY30320 Career Development in Psychology Full module
ECON20170 Economic Research Partial module
CVEN10040 Creativity in Design Partial module
CVEN40390 Innovation Leadership Partial module
BSCN40490 Research & Teaching Methodology Partial module
CHEN30040 Commercial Pharmaceutical & Bioprocessing Technology Partial module
ARCT40190 Professional Studies 2 Partial module
CVEN20140 Design & Communications Partial module