Become a Career Ambassador

Being a Career Ambassador is not just a job. As a Career Ambassador, you are part of a leadership programme designed to develop and enhance your skills and provide you with a range of opportunities to develop.

Being a Career Ambassador is not just a job. As a Career Ambassador, you are part of a leadership programme designed to develop and enhance your skills and provide you with a range of opportunities to develop.

It is an exciting role where you can work flexibly and develop important skills. The Career Ambassadors are motivated students with enthusiasm and commitment to promoting the work of the UCD Careers Network. This is an excellent opportunity to gain valuable paid experience and develop your personal and professional skills that you can add to your CV and LinkedIn profile.



Career Ambassadors - College of Engineering and Architecture


My name is Chinwe. I am in my third year studying Chemical Engineering. I am a representative of  the College of Engineering. I love engineering because I like solving problems. I enjoy learning how and why things work and then being able to recreate systems or construct objects using that knowledge. 

I absolutely adore food! I love going to different restaurants and trying new food. I enjoy visiting new restaurants and sampling new foods! I've tried Korean, Lebanese, Jamaican, and Vietnamese cuisine, and I'm eager to explore more! 

If someone saw me walking around campus, they could always talk to me about music! I’ve  been playing piano for 6 years and have learned so much over the years about it.


Career Ambassadors - College of Social Science & Law


Hi, I’m Daniel Power and I am a third year Business and Law student. I am one of the Career Ambassadors for the College of Social Sciences and Law and College of Business and am happy to help with anything career related. 

My favourite thing about Business and Law is the diversity of modules one can choose throughout the degree – you get a complementary grounding in quantitative subjects such as data analytics and text-heavy modules like constitutional law.

In terms of interests, I love a good hike and listening to sixties Motown.

As a Career Ambassador, I’m happy to talk about my experience with the summer internship/training contract process for the “Big 4” accountancy firms and “Big 5” law firms.




Hello everyone! I am Harsh Sidhapurker, a Stage 3 Business and Law student. I will be representing the College of Business and College of Social Sciences & Law as your Career Ambassador!

One of my favorite aspects of my curriculum is the degree of flexibility it provides in terms of majoring in business or law or combining the two. Furthermore, the course content is highly engaging, especially the business courses, which are more practical in nature. I enjoy playing video games and spend most of my free time doing so. I also love trying new foods and eating at new restaurants! If you see me on campus, feel free to walk up to me and talk about anything. I enjoy listening to people and would be delighted to offer information about any opportunities/internships/events that may be of interest to you. I'd be happy to redirect you to any support or resources available at UCD. I truly hope that everyone takes advantage of all of UCD's resources.


I’m Kerri and I’m a second year Law student representing the college of Social Sciences and Law. What I love about studying Law is that it’s so relevant to everyday life. It involves matters that people have to deal with the whole time, such as employment issues from working or what could happen if your concert is cancelled, so you’re engaged in every lecture!

In my free time I love taking photos. There’s something so calming about photography and especially capturing nature as it really encourages you to stop and take in the beautiful world around you. I have a huge interest in history, politics and current affairs and I’m passionate about the Irish language. I am also quite well-versed in the world of sport whether it be GAA, tennis or following the Reds of Liverpool. So feel free to stop me for a chat about any of the above!


Career Ambassadors - College of Arts & Humanities


My name is Maria Gendelman and I am a second year Languages, Linguistics & Cultures student! As a Career Ambassador, I represent the College of Arts and Humanities.

My course is very versatile, and helps the students in becoming adept at various disciplines, which I find essential in our rapidly developing world. The opportunity to develop analytical skills, intercultural competency and effective communication means you can satisfy any of your curiosities, and apply your knowledge to various fields. You will always find a place to use your skills at!

I love acquiring knowledge! Whether it’s the newest scientific discovery or the latest political developments, anything is my cup of tea. If you see me around campus, don’t hesitate to engage me in a conversation about the things that interest you, or the new things you are learning in your course.

If you have any questions and are not sure whom to contact, I am always happy to help in any way I can!


Career Ambassadors - College of Science

Hi! My name is Kate Duffy, I am currently a stage 2 science subject studying Cell Biology. I am delighted to be representing the School of Biology and Environmental Science. The thing I love most about science is how versatile it is! There are so many things you can do within biology and it is inspiring to know the research areas you can go into are directly benefiting wildlife, the environment or other people around you!

 One of my favourite parts of college is getting involved in societies. This year I am the Auditor of the Biological Society and I am super excited to hold some really fun events! Societies are a great way to get to meet people with similar interests as you while getting a bit of free food at the same time!

 In my free time, I love channelling my creative side! I really enjoy baking and crotchet and I find it is a great way to unwind after a busy day. If you see me around campus, definitely feel free to come up and chat! Whether you are stuck for directions, looking for a chat or wondering about the latest Biosoc event, I am all ears!




My name is Idil Bilgic and I am in my second year of Computer Science. I represent the College of Science as one of the Career Ambassadors. I find the field of tech very inspiring as it allows me to learn about interesting concepts while also allowing me to be creative! I especially enjoy discovering more about data science and sustainable IT as a part of my course. 

You should know about me that I absolutely love reading and some of my favourite subjects include archeology and gender studies. I like expressing myself through clothes and I enjoy making jewellery. I LOVE the company of animals, especially dogs! On campus, you can always find me asking joggers to pet their dogs and if you see me around, feel free to chat to me and ask any questions you might have about the Careers Network or finding your way around UCD (which I know can be difficult at times).




My name is Saptha Raman Namboodiri and I am a third year Medicinal Chemistry and Chemical Biology student. I am a Career Ambassador representing the College of Science. I have always loved chemistry and biology and my course allows me to combine my two favourite subjects and learn more about the design, chemical synthesis, and development of different pharmaceutical drugs and agents. What’s the most exciting and interesting part of my course is that I learn about how different drugs can be recreated and improved in order to improve their purpose.

One thing you should know about me is that I love dancing and reading, they are my biggest passions. If you ever see me on campus, please do come and say hello because I love meeting new people and making friends and I can show you the best places to eat around campus and the cheapest coffee spots! 



Career Ambassador - UCD Advantage


Hi! My name is Kashish and I am a second year PPE Student and I will be promoting the UCD advantage award. I love how diverse and informative my course is, there are so many modules which cover varied topics such as ethics, politics, law and international relations. The philosophy modules of the course are my favourite! And I like the fact that I can choose my modules based on my preferences. I really enjoy reading books and watching movies during my free time! My favourite genres are romance and comedy. It helps me relax after a long day!

If you see me around campus, don’t hesitate to come and talk to me! I’m happy to meet new people and make new friends. You can always approach me with questions about campus/college life and I’d be glad to help you out!