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About us

The Centre for BioNano Interactions (CBNI) is a multi-disciplinary research unit at the forefront of life and medical sciences at the nanoscale.

CBNI is Ireland’s National Platform for BioNanoInteraction science, and draws together specialists from its Universities, Institutes and companies. We are one of the world’s leading centres of knowledge for bionanointeractions applied to the fields of nanobiology and nanomedicine, and we are pioneering many of the new techniques and approaches in the arena. We have strong links and collaborations with academia, institutions, industry, and governments worldwide.

We seek to set standards through commitment to excellence in research and innovation, blended with caution and attention to detail in the science, and public dissemination. We appreciate the multilateral responsibilities to promote knowledge, economic development, and above all the advancement of these in a safe and sustainable manner. As such, the Centre is founded on principles of integrity and transparency in all of its activities.