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Jingji Li

graduated in Pharmaceutical Engineering in 2013 from Beijing University of Chemical Technology. Her undergraduate study included one-year pre-master program in cooperation with University College Dublin, during which she finished her final thesis in School of Biomolecular and Biomedical Science, UCD. The topic of her final thesis was development of a chemical-microbial method to improve the design of fluorinated drug molecule, which was a project in collaboration with a group in University of Durham. After graduation, Jingji completed a one-year taught master degree in biotechnology in UCD. Her research focused on biodegradation of industry dye by employing Cunninghamella elegan biofilms as immobilized catalysis system.

Jingji joined CBNI in September 2015 as PhD student funded by Chinese Scholarship Council (CSC)-UCD joint scholarship. Her research focus on the immunological properties of nanoparticles.