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QualityNano provides an analytical research infrastructure to drive high quality research and testing practices for nanosafety assessment.

Website: www.QualityNano.eu

QualityNano’s core aim is the creation of a ‘neutral’ scientific & technical space in which all stakeholder groups can engage, develop, and share scientific best practice in the field. Initially it will harness resources from across Europe and develop efficient, transparent and effective processes. Thereby, it will enable provision of services to its users, and the broader community, all in the context of a best-practice ethos. This will encourage evidence-based dialogue to prosper between all stakeholders. However, QualityNano will also pro-actively seek to drive, develop and promote the highest quality research and practices via its Joint Research Activities (JRA), Networking Activities (NA) and provision of Transnational Access (TA) functions, with a global perspective and mode of implementation

QualityNano is a collaboration between 27 partners including:

*Note there are also additional non-funded partners who are not included here

EU FP7 Research Infrastructure Programme

Natural History Museum


  • Dr. Eva Valsami Jones

Institute of Occupational Medicine


  • Dr. Rob Aitken

Deutsche Gesetzliche Unfallversicherung


  • Dr. Markus Berges

Joint Research Centre of the European Commission


  • Prof. Neil Gibson

Federal Institute for Risk Assessment


  • Dr. Andreas Luch

Karlsruhe Institute of Technology


  • Dr. Sikha Ray

Facultes Universitaires Notre-Dame De La Paix


  • Dr. Olivier Toussaint

Institute of Work and Health


  • Dr. Michael Riediker

University of Leeds


  • Prof. Terry Wilkins

Norwegian Institute for Air Research


  • Dr. Maria Dusinska

Helmholz Centre Munich


  • Prof. Wolfgang Kreyling

Ludwig Maximillians Universitat, Munchen


  • Prof. Joachim Radler

Centro de Investigacion Cooperativa en Biomaterials


  • Dr. Sergio Moya

Uppsala University


  • Dr. Stefan Nygren

Catalan Institute of Nanotechnology


  • Prof. Victor Puntes

Stichting Dienslandbouwkundig Onderzoe

  • Dr. Hans Bouwmeester
  • Dr. Hans J.P Marvin

Tel Aviv University


  • Prof. Rafi Korenstein

Slovak Medical University


  • Dr. Jana Tulinska

VIaamse Instelling voor Technologisch Onderzoek


  • Dr. Inge Nelissen

Trinity College Dublin


  • Prof. John Boland

Finnish Institute of Occupational Health

  • Prof. Kai Savolainen

University of Exeter


  • Prof. Tamara Galloway

Edinburgh Napier University


  • Prof. Teresa Fernandes

University Paris Sud


  • Dr. Dominique Langevin

L’Institut National de l’environnement industriel et des risqué


  • Olivier Aguerre-Chariol

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