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Bionanoparticle Imaging in cells and tissue

Central to developing nanomedicines, and to ensure the safety of nanomaterials in general, is an understanding of the uptake and localisation of nanoparticles – a space and time-resolved profile of nanoparticle trafficking and fate. CBNI has spent several years developing protocols to ensure quantitative resolution of these questions using a range of complementary approaches, including imaging (fluorescence, confocal and electron microscopies) and flow cytometry, as well as high throughput approaches.

Questions being addressed in this research theme include:

  • Investigation of the portals of entry utilised by nanoparticles upon contact with cells;
  • Investigation of the trajectories taken by nanoparticles following uptake and how the uptake portal influences the trajectory and final sub-cellular localisation of the nanoparticles;
  • Adaption of cells to poisoning or silencing of specific receptors;
  • Rare events in nanoparticle localisation – particles outside the endo-lysosomal pathway.