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Cyber Crime Training (Slovakia)


The objective of this project was to support the building of the capacity of the Slovakian Police to investigate cybercrime. UCD were a key partner in this project, and delivered results across a number of project activities:

Development of a Training Framework and Competences Report

The purpose of this study was to facilitate the aim of delivering an effective and appropriate programme of cybercrime training to Slovakian Law Enforcement personnel. The study reviewed current provisions for law enforcement training in digital forensics and cybercrime investigations; identified best practice in these areas, developed recommendations for cybercrime capacity building strategies within Slovakia, and developed a competency framework through which this could be delivered.

Coordination and Hosting of Study Visits

CCI organised a number of study visits for various representatives from the Slovakian Police. These visits included:

  • Attending a First Responder training programme
  • Demonstration of FREETOOL tools
  • Visits to CCI partners, including the Garda Computer Crime Unit and the Garda Bureau of Fraud Investigation.

Training  of Slovakian Police in the following topics:

  • Train the Trainer
  • First Responder
  • Wireless Investigations
  • Use of FREETOOL tools

Localisation of eLearning materials

Using translations provided by the Slovakians, CCI staff adapted existing ECTEG online Linux and IT Forensics training materials for local use.

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