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FREETOOL v2.0 - Maturing and Extending the FREETOOL Tool development Initiative



FREETOOL v2.0 plans to build on the success of the original FREETOOL project, streaming the development work for both Forensic and OSINT tools, establishing a validation process, and providing training on the tools. The primary goal of this two year project is to develop and scientifically validate a suite of free and reliable tools for law enforcement, in order to assist them in the "fight against cybercrime and child exploitation".

A secondary, but none-the-less important, goal of the project is to develop training for law enforcement officers, which utilises the outputs of the project.

This is the second iteration of the FREETOOL project. The first was also a two year project that brought together law enforcement coders from across Europe in a proof-of-concept development environment. This project was highly successful and six tools were developed in the field of digital forensics. These tools are now freely and exclusively available to the law enforcement community, and can be accessed via the SPACE platform at EC3 EUROPOL (applications to use the tools developed so far can be sent toft).

Tool Development

The development group will consist of current law enforcement officers who are adept at creating bespoke software solutions to assist their professional practices and will be supported by two full-time software developers from UCD CCI. The developers will attend meetings held in UCD at various junctures over the two-year project lifecycle. While development will be ongoing and continuous, these meetings will be designed to improve communication between the developers, share ideas and concerns and ensure that the goals of the project are being met in a timely fashion.

Validation: CNR IEIITcnr ieiit

The Italian Research Council Institute of Electronics, Computer and Telecommunications Engineering (CNR IEIIT) will be responsible for developing a validation framework for FREETOOL deliverables. They will test some/all developed tools using this framework and provide accurate and verifiable reports so that the process can be repeated in the future. They will also consult with the European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI), who are working towards a similar goal of creating a validation framework.

Capacity Building: Hessen State Police Academyhessen

The capacity building team will be responsible for developing a training course that will incorporate the tools developed. The objective is to develop a First Responder training program that will simulate a typical high-tech crime scene where FREETOOL outputs can be used by non-technical officers to secure evidence for technical experts. This week-long training course will be delivered to police officers from EU member states who are responsible for training in their own countries, thus ensuring a capacity building initiative and the promotion of FREETOOL throughout Europe.


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Co-funded by the Internal Security Fund of the European Union