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Gold Award for CDIC students in Internet & Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Monday, 1 November, 2021

UCD congratulates the CDIC student team who were awarded a Gold Award in this highly competitive event.  Now in its sixth year, this China International College Students’ Competition, has attracted more than 15 million student competitors from 124 countries.  The Competition champions education for entrepreneurship and encourages students to pursue global careers in innovation. The CDIC team comprised CUI Zihan, WANG Xibo, LIU Caihong (cohort 2019) and ZHOU Haoyu (cohort 2018).  Deputy Director Wei Kun, of the Road Engineering Department of the Highway College of Chang’an University guided the project, with Dr Wang Hainian of CDIC and Professor Amanda Gibney of UCD serving as project technical consultants. The CDIC project, “Smearing Asphalt technology - leader of intelligent cooling coating for asphalt pavement” focuses on the development of intelligent cooling coatings for asphalt pavements. In order to reduce high surface temperatures, phase change material (PCM) technology and microcapsule technology are introduced into pavement cooling systems.  The project team applied this technology to real projects in China with excellent outcomes:  this technology reduces the impact of high temperature on asphalt pavements, reduces maintenance costs, extends pavement life and may contribute to the reduction of high temperatures in urban areas.  

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