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Students testimonials

Junxi Wang
Stage 3, Civil Engineering
I find the CDIC way of teaching very good. It helps me to learn and improve my English. I feel a strong learning atmosphere here. I like the vibe of competing. My teachers are very enthusiastic. The classes are interesting, full of humour and games that help us to gain knowledge. I also enjoy teamwork, when I can work with my classmates on the tasks together.
I am interested in Civil Engineering. I have engineers in my family. I would love to study abroad after I graduate. I don't know which country to go yet, but I am thinking about Ireland and UCD. 
Qiu Junliu
Stage 2, Civil Engineering
Academic atmosphere in the CDIC is very strong. I enjoy English activities and take each opportunity to improve my English skills.  I find my major difficult, but I know that if I study hard and do my best to learn I will make it easier for myself. I am very happy at CDIC. My classmates are very friendly. We help each other with our studies. The atmosphere is very harmonic.
I had a good score at the GOAKO exams so I chose the best possible major. 
Wei Haoran
Stage 1, Civil Engineering
CDIC is like a big family to me. I like the CDIC teachers. They are very helpful, responsible and always willing to answer our questions. The atmosphere in the college is very good. Speaking English with teachers and classmates is a big value and great opportunity to improve my English. I would love to have more teachers from UCD on our campus.
I have travelled to many places and I was inspired by the bridges and constructions that I saw there and my dream is to design them. After I graduate I hope to study more to achieve a master's degree. 
Pan Zhengxian
Stage 1, Civil Engineering
I chose CDIC along with my family with the hope to study abroad in the future, perhaps doing a PHD. I travelled to other foreign countries and I was curious how foreign universities work.  I think Civil Engineering  has a future in countries such as the US and Canada. 
I like studying in CDIC. Our lecturers are very patient with us and I find this great. It is a very happy environment. The teachers are willing to help and speak clearly for us to understand them better. I really appreciate that we study in small groups thus we all feel we matter and lecturers are able to focus on each student. I feel well taken care of.
I think Civil Engineering in CDIC is the first class level. Studying here really fits me as I want to study abroad in the future. I feel it was the best choice for me.
Gau Yuxuan
Stage 1, Civil Engineering
I am impressed with the CDIC facilities. They are great. All the rooms are good. In my opinion our teachers are well qualified. The pace of teaching is just right. They teach us not only the engineering modules but also the English language. I find my classmates funny. We share our hobbies and have a good time together. 
I met many excellent students who graduated from CDIC and I feel the college offers good opportunities for my future study abroad plans.
I like engineering in general and civil engineering is the best major that I could choose. I love physics and I can find a lot of physics in my engineering modules.


Xiankun Li


During the time of studying at the CDIC it makes me feel very lucky and proud. In CDIC, each of our classes can have their own self study room. Studying in a good and quiet environment makes our learning more efficient and effective. The lecturers in CDIC taught us modules in English, which would improve and strengthen our spoken English and listening skills while learning and acquiring the academic knowledge.

The CDIC office also often provides us with details of various activities, so that we can know and are aware of the competition information at the earliest time.

I really like the learning environment like this, and being able to improve myself in this environment makes me feel very happy. I am very grateful to CDIC and UCD for allowing me to practice in the university, decide my direction, and continuously work hard and progress towards my goals.


Chenxin Zhang


I am very fortunate to be able to study at CDIC. The joint college’s characteristics of bilingual teaching have not only taught me professional and academic knowledge, but also greatly improved my English.

Since the establishment of CDIC, the training and cultivation method for students have been continuously improved, aiming to provide us with the most comfortable learning environment, the infrastructure construction has also been improved to state of art. The lecturers in the college are also very committed and responsible. All of these have accelerated the improvement of CDIC teaching quality.

At the same time, the college will regularly hold seminars and guest lectures to provide guidance to students on their future planning, which is very helpful to me. I am very much looking forward to spending the rest of the college time at CDIC.

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